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Spring Position Previews 2021

We can haz spring football again!

Nebraska Spring Football Preview: Special Teams

Mike Dawson looks to score huge returns from special teams units


It’s the biggest practice of the year - can I get a HELL YEAH?

Nebraska Spring Football Preview: Defensive Backs

This group is going to do big things this fall.

Nebraska Spring Football Preview: Inside Linebackers

Some returning experience. Some exciting new faces. What will we get out of this group in 2021?

Nebraska Spring Football Previews: Tight Ends

Sean Beckton’s tight ends look to give the Husker offense a much needed pick-me-up

Nebraska Spring Football Preview: Running Backs

There are a bunch of running backs to choose from at least?

Nebraska Spring Football Practice Update April 12

The team did a lot of good things in the scrimmage last Friday

Nebraska Spring Football Previews: Offensive Line

They could be pretty good.

Nebraska Spring Football Previews: Quarterbacks

There’s one great amount of talent and a bunch of unknowns.

2021 Nebraska Spring Football Preview: Returning Defensive Production

Might they be "Blackshirts" once again?

Nebraska Spring Football Previews: A Look At Returning Offensive Production


Nebraska Football Spring Preview: Wide Receivers

Who ends up starting on day one? Your guess is as good as mine.

Nebraska Spring Football Previews: Outside Linebackers

Everyone is back from 2020 and the young guys have another year in the weight room. Time to celebrate?!?

Spring Football Kickoff Press Conference

The coaching staff and players covered Oklahoma-gate, special teams responsibilities, culture, leadership and the new (old) testing program.