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CornNation Roundtables

The CN staff takes a deeper dive and discusses some issues of interest.

Corn Nation’s Pre-Season Roundtable: Give Me One Reason Not to Drink the Kool-Aid

Here are some of the answers to the questions we have all been asking.

The Nebraska Football Offensive Coaches Replacement Roundtable Of Fun

Bye-Week Roundtable Take Two: What to Make of Scott Frost Retention?

The progress is clear. The fact it isn’t enough is also clear. What does a program do now?

Bye-Week Roundtable: What Next for Husker Football?

The progress is clear. The fact it isn’t enough is also clear. What does a program do now?

CN Season Predictions Rountable Part 3: Defense

What does the CN staff think is in the cards for the Blackshirts in 2021?

CN Predictions Roundtable Part 2: Offense

Who do we think will lead the team in rushing, receiving and why is there cause for hope?

Corn Nation Pre-Season Prediction Roundtable

Are we buying the preseason hype or keeping the optimism at arm’s length?

2021 Virtual BTN Big 10K/5K Race Results Roundtable

Corn Nation Roundtable: Who Should the B1G Try to Get in the Next Expansion

The Texas-OU dominoes are falling fast and the Big Ten might need to make some quick decisions if they want to expand

The Big Ten a Decade in: Corn Nation Roundtable

What We’re Consuming

Because it’s the offseason and we want to know what you’re interested in.

Nebraska Football: The Mid-Season Roundtable

What does the Corn Nation staff think about football (and a few other things) halfway through the 2020 B1G schedule?

Nebraska Football Schedule Roundtable Take Two

The CN staff gives their thoughts on the latest 2020 schedule released by the Big Ten and their predictions on wins/losses

Corn Nation Stories: Your First Husker Game

Let’s take a walk down memory lane. Send us your story of your first Husker game.

Corn Nation Roundtable: B1G Basketball Predictions

Will The Mayor open conference tournament play on Friday?! Will Rutgers win the conference title?! Read on for all the hot takes CN staff bring you in preparation for B1G Basketball Season.

Corn Nation Roundtable: Nebraska Player Predictions

Time to make predictions about the players that make up the best team in the entire country!

Corn Nation Roundtable: National College Football Predictions

Who does the staff see winning the power five conference championships and getting into the college football playoff?

Corn Nation Roundtable: Big Ten Football Predictions 2019

We’re back with B1G bad predictions that we can all laugh at in December (and probably sooner)!

Reflections of 2018 Nebraska Football: A Corn Nation Roundtable

Now that we’ve had a couple of weeks to digest 2018, the CN team reflects back at Scott Frost’s first season leading the Huskers.

CornNation 2018 Nebraska Football Preseason Roundtable

Time for the Corn Nation staff to make our preseason prognostications for the 2018 Nebraska football season.

CN Roundtable: What Did You Notice About the Football Depth Chart?

Let’s hope this staff can work some magic with the defense or the Huskers will have to score a lot of points to win games.

Confronting our Demons: A Corn Nation Roundtable on whether 2007 or 2017 was Worse

We wade into the cesspool of the two worst seasons of Nebraska football in modern times. Which was worse?

Nebraska Football’s Coaching Carousel: A CornNation Roundtable

The CN team discusses Billy C, Mr. Riley and that guy from Youngstown. Can we get all of this out of our system?

Nebraska Football Non-Conference Scheduling: A CornNation Roundtable

When NU AD Bill Moos mentioned scheduling former Big Eight rivals, the CN team sat down to talk about what we’d like to see in non-conference football scheduling.

Nebraska Football & Rivalries: A CornNation Roundtable

The CN team starts a series of summer roundtables. The first topic is on the Huskers and rivalries.


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