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Week Zero Predictions: Huskers vs. Northwestern in Dublin

It’s finally Husker Gameday Again!

Daily Life In Dublin

Mike: Well, here we go again... with a team full of transfers and a new half of a coaching staff. Does anybody have any clue what’s going to happen in Dublin?

Patrick: Welcome back to football season

Nate M: Vanderbilt is playing at Hawaii. When can Nebraska line that game up?

Andy: “Horny” is both a strong and totally inappropriate way to describe how ready I am. I am horny as hell for college football and apologize to no one - let’s do this.

Aaron: It’s almost time to get a look at the brand new team with a ton of transfers/new additions in general. Thats right its almost time for fall baseball practices!! Just get to enjoy some football for an appetizer first.

Wyoming (+11) at Illinois

Patrick: University of Wyoming 23 University of Illinois 21

Nate M: The Fighting Bret Bielema’s win by 21.

Mike: Illinois upgraded at quarterback from last season. They might get to a bowl game. Illini 27, Cowboys 14

Andy: Bert shows up looking like he just polished off a warm PBR hopping out of the car after an all-nighter, burps some unintelligible instructions to his coordinators and the Illini bludgeon the Cowboys 36-17.

Aaron: Cowboys vs Indians? I hear Bielema is good at getting his team ready to open the season with a W. Give me the Illiniwek, 31-13.

Vanderbilt (-8) at Hawai’i

Patrick: Vanderbilt University 32 University of Hawai’i 6

Nate M: The Vanderbilt family was known for railroads. That alone has zero significance to this game. Hawaii pulls it off.

Mike: Ever try taking a train to Hawai’i? Wouldn’t recommend it. But Commodores were a Naval rank. Boats are a safer bet to get to the islands. Commodores 41, Warriors 31

Andy: Taking Hawaii at home against eastern half US teams is one of the easiest bets in football, but I think making Vandy an 8-point favorite is mostly due that SEC patch on their jerseys. Hawaii wins straight up 35-30.

Aaron: Vanderbilt has a great baseball team! And a guy that can really whistle! I bet he makes the trip to Hawai’i. That leads me to believe they will triumph over the Rainbow Warriors, 27-21.

Nebraska (-13) vs. Northwestern in Dublin, Ireland

Patrick: University of Nebraska 42 Northwestern University 9

Nate M: You can’t go undefeated if you don’t win the first game. Nebraska wins by 10.

Mike: I’m all N on this team, and frankly, I think Northwestern should be concerned this year. Huskers 38, NW 9

Andy: The 2021 emotionally damaged me pictures Casey Thompson pick-6’s on the first two drives followed by a fumble on our own 15 leading to a 21-0 deficit followed by spirited comeback that falls short 37-35 on a missed 29-yard FG as time expires.

Nope. No more curses, whatever demon dropped that witchcraft on us is going back to hell and I have a plan, just follow along with me -

Fine, I’ll think of something else, but we got this one. Huskers 37 Wildcats 17.

Aaron: Wait, we can use memes?! Pass me some corned beef and cabbage. And while you’re at it, I’ll take some Kool-aid (spiked with some Jameson, of course)! Nebraska wins (and covers) 38-14.