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Video: Bo Pelini & Team to Jack Hoffman

The team finds out what's going on with Team Jack and they speak out on the latest news.

Spring Game Gallery: Team Jack Stole the Show

This was a spring game unlike any other. We saw a little football, the Oklahoma Drill and a moment you will never forget. Zaire Anderson and QB passing efficiency were the conversation until late in the game until Jack Hoffman stole the show. Hoffman is no stranger to Husker fans and in Saturday's game he was given a moment that will live forever. He got a carry. He led the game in rushing yards on his 69 yard scamper. We've got some images here. And some from the football game, too.

Spring Game 2013 & Team Jack

Jack Hoffman, a 7 year old pediatric brain cancer patient, rushes 69 yards for a touchdown in Nebraska's spring game.

Jack Hoffman For Heisman

It didn't take long for the Huskers to get their Heisman candidate out in front of the pack. No one will be able to match Jack Hoffman's moment.

Team Jack Announces His Tumor is in Remission

From @TeamJackHoffman: "Great day 2day- @BostonChildrens MRI revealed Jack's tumor stable (remission) & chemo port can come out." #superDuperAwesom

How Big Has Team Jack Gotten?

Jack Hoffman's famous run is almost two weeks old, but the awareness its brought has been nothing short of amazing. Check out the numbers.

Pelini's Spring Puts Everything Into Context

Passion. Loyalty. Excellence. Accountability. Family. Whenever Bo Pelini says or does something, put it in that context...and then you'll understand why he does what he does.

Team Jack's SportsCenter Segment

Nebraska's best-known running back was featured in a fantastic segment on ESPN SportsCenter on 4/12/13. It's too good not to share or see again,

Jack's Moment Shows the Power of Social Media

Jack Hoffman's run would've been seen on a large scale not long ago, but social media increased the wattage of the spotlight on it.

De-Tasseling the Huskers: Episode 23

Greg and Brian get at it before Hooch's vacation.

Spring Game Report Card: Red 32, White 25

Overall, nobody should have been terribly surprised by the general performance level on the day: offense having the upper hand on the defense, even with the limited playbook.

Cancer Fighter Scores TD In Huskers Spring Game

It's basically impossible not to be on #TeamJack.

Roundtable: What Are We Watching For Today?

Corn Nation's staff talk about what they expect and don't expect Saturday

Spring Game: Rosters & Kids Are Ready. Are You?

Of course, it's about the players like Tommy Armstrong and Michael Rose, who redshirted last year. But it's also about the kids who don't normally get to watch a Husker football game in person.