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Predictions: Championship Week

Time to show the predictions for Championship Week from the CN staff.

Nebraska Vs. Wisconsin Game Thread

From the land of beer & cheese

Huskers vs. Wisconsin

Nebraska Football: Garrett Nelson, Damion Jackson Earn Blackshirts

Young dudes get some recognition.

Announcing the Freedom Trophy

Nebraska and Wisconsin announced the new Freedom Trophy to be played for annually.

Cobs:Nebraska, Nebraska, Nebraska, Refs, & Georgia

So we have something to vote on, we're splitting up Nebraska's suckage. You'll have to choose what was the worst part of the worst.

A Championship Whiff

Another Conference Title Chance, Another Faceplant

CN Report Card: Wisconsin 70, Huskers 31

It was a brutally awful performance by the Huskers, and it demands changes in the program. But those changes should NOT include a change at the top. You cannot fire a 10 win coach because of a couple of blowout losses.



Huskers vs Badgers - First Half Game Thread

Join Us And Watch Nebraska Win A Conference Championship!

The Big 10 Championship Q and A

Are These Badgers Different Than The They Were Earlier In The Season?

Has Wisconsin Gotten Better Or Worse?

Hosts Jake Sorensen and Will Grubb are joined by Mike Fiametta of the SB Nation Wisconsin site Bucky's Fifth Quarter to preview Saturday's Huskers-Badgers battle for the B1G Championship. Are the Huskers destined for a championship or will the Badgers derail the dream end to the season for Nebraska?

How Will The Huskers Beat Wisconsin?

One more game to reach the pinnacle of their conference. Sixty minutes of football to earn a trophy and return to Lincoln as champions. Here are a few keys to the game to make that happen.

B1G Game Tickets Are Cheap & Plentiful - Why?

It's a classic value proposition. It's a rematch and the game is a long drive for both fan bases. Hence, ticket sales are struggling.

Reviewing Wisconsin Once Again

Wisconsin has changed quarterbacks since September, but have lost three of their last four games - each in overtime.

Stopping Wisconsin Without Baker Steinkuhler

You get the sense that Wisconsin is hoping to bulldoze Nebraska on the ground in Indianapolis, and that's a very real possibility with that undersized line. So where is help going to come from?

A C+ for the B1G Player of the Week?

On this week's report card, Taylor Martinez only received a C+...yet the B1G named him offensive player of the week. Who's right? I defend my grade.

3 Good Plays and 3 Not-So-Good Plays vs. Wisconsin

A breakdown of 3 good and 3 not-so-good plays vs Wisconsin.

Is 1 Game Enough To Proclaim the Defense is Back?

Just like it was too soon to bury Pelini and the defense after the UCLA debacle, it's too soon to proclaim all is well after the Wisconsin game.

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Big Ten Players of the Week for Week Five

CN Report Card: Huskers 30, Badgers 27

Despite sleepwalking at the start of the pajama party, the Huskers mount a furious second half comeback to pull out the victory.

Huskers 30, Badgers 27 Postgame Video Report

Jake Sorensen and Will Grubb of 93.7 The Ticket bring you the postgame video report of the Huskers 30-27 comeback win over Wisconsin.

Huskers Beat Wisconsin Victory Party Thread

Join Jon who's mostly drunk and ecstatic over the comeback win.

Nebraska vs Wisconsin - Second Half Thread

Badgers vs. Huskers - First Half Thread

The Predictions Thread: Wisconsin Week

The CornNation staff give their predictions of Week 5 in the College Football season, including their Nebraska/Wisconsin game day thoughts.

Hashtag on the field? #lame

Nebraska joined a fad to post hashtags (which have long been supplanted by snarky remarks anway) on the field. By doing so, they missed an opportunity to advertise their own Twitter address on the field. Or better summarized as #fail.

Nebraska Football: The Wisconsin Q And A

You have questions about the Wisconsin Badgers. We got you the answers.

Gilbert Gets Benched One Play For Dissing T-Magic

After taunting Taylor Martinez in the media, Gilbert will sit out the first play of Saturday night's game.

Nebraska's Keys to Victory vs. Wisconsin

Nebraska's Keys to Victory vs. Wisconsin

Husker CornCast: Wisconsin Preview

What does Wisconsin redshirt freshman starting QB Joel Stave plan on bringing. Host Will Grubb and Jake Sorensen ask Andy Coppens of

Wisconsin Preview: Will Montee Ball Play?

The Danny O'Brien experiment didn't even last three games; Joel Stave now takes the reigns of the Badger offense, which has been slowed by concussion issues by Jared Abbrederis and Montee Ball.

Corn Nation Live Chat 9/24 - On Wisconsin Week!

Wisconsin week! Come chat about it with us.


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