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Nebraska vs Minnesota 2021 Game Center

“There’s No Hope. F*** Everything. Go Big Red.” - CornNation’s Jon Johnston Goes Viral

"That guy" who made the rounds on the internet for his comments following the Huskers loss to Minnesota is none other than CornNation’s own Jon Johnston.

Report Card: Minnesota Golden Gophers 30, Huskers 23

A poor first half dug too big of a hole for a second half comeback.

Nebraska Loses Minnesota Wins Recap and Afternoon Thread

Somehow, this one hurts the most.

Nebraska Trails Minnesota 21-9 at the Half

That was not an ideal start.

Battle for the Broken Chair - The Game Thread!!

It’s the Huskers vs the Gophers in a tilt in the Twin Cities

Predictions: Huskers vs. Golden Goofers

What’s your prediction?

Dern Varmints: The CORN NATION Q&A with Minnesota

Since taking the Husker job, Scott Frost is 1-2 against Minnesota. Can he he even up the series and the season record? What does the enemy think?

Nebraska vs. Minnesota: Game Time, TV, Streaming, Odds and More

It’s time for the Battle for the Broken Chair!!!

Corn Nation Radio: The $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy Episode