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Open Thread

Posts in this group are meant for community building

Early Game Thread of Let’s See What Happens

Early College Football Thread of Anticipation!

College Football Saturday Game Thread of Chaos

Football Saturday Early Game Thread of Wonder!

Nebraska Baseball Rubber Match vs Illinois

Nebraska Baseball vs Illinois, Final Four Thread of Fury!

Mad Saturday Game Thread

Have a great day Husker fans!

The “Death Star” National Title Game Thread!

Yay! Its two teams you probably hate!

Day After New Year’s Thread of Bowl Fun!

There’s more football fun to be had!!!!

New Year’s Day Thread of New Hope!!

2020 Championship Saturday Game Thread!!!!

Thursday Night Game Thread!

Wednesday Night MACtion Football Game Thread!

Because there’s shit going on that’s why.

Saturday Game Thread of Mostly Disappointment!

No Nebraska game but we can still cheer for chaos!

Saturday Morning Thread of Anticipation

Get your butts ready for fun today!

Friday Night Super Duper Big Ten Season Opener Game Thread!


Thursday Night Game Thread!!!!

Saturday Game Thread!!!

Join us here at CN for witty banter or something....

Saturday Game Thread!

Things are happening!

Labor Day Game Thread: BYU vs Navy

The most anticipated game of opening weekend!

Thursday Night Game Thread & eSports Info

We’re gonna have fun just because.....

2019 National Title: Clemson vs LSU Game Thread

New Year’s Day Bowl Game Thread!

It’s a fantastic day of football!

Saturday Bowl Game Thread!

Football Championship Games Thread!

It’s a great day of college football ahead!

Rivalry Saturday Game Thread!

Still a fun day of football ahead...

Black Friday Early Game Thread!

Friday Night: Volleyball, Basketball Game Thread of Great Fun!

Thursday Night Game Thread!

Saturday Early Morning Thread

Thursday Night Game Thread!

Saturday Game Thread Of Destruction!

Fun times today!