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Huskers vs. UCLA Game Center

UCLA Football Preview

I suspect that while Nevada's offense may have prepared UCLA for Nebraska's style, it probably didn't prepare them for Nebraska's personnel. But clearly, UCLA's offense is going to be the best that Nebraska has faced this year.

Reflecting on Tommie Frazier's Call to Fire Pelini

Sometimes freshmen-dependent teams don't play well. Like give up 38 unanswered points to UCLA. Or get out-yarded by Iowa State back in the days when Iowa State really was awful.

Cobs of the Week: Lots of NU, plus Refs & Texas

As much as we love to dish it out, we have to take it when our Huskers drop a turd into the college football punchbowl... so we'll see a heavy representation of Nebraska here. But we can't forget our friends on the Forty Acres.

Report Card: UCLA 41, Huskers 21

In the second half, Nebraska struggled on both sides of the ball the rest of the way, and got blown out.

Sunday Flakes: Huskers/Bruins Reaction

A special edition of the Flakes: What everyone said after the Nebraska/UCLA game.

It's A 2007 Déjà Vu All Over Again

There are numerous analogues to 2007 through Nebraska's first three games of 2013. 2007 was the year of the historically bad season under Kevin Cosgrove, the defense against which all other bad defenses are compared. 2007 was also the year that saw B

Huskers vs. UCLA: Gallery

It was a rough game for the Huskers who coughed up an early 21-3 lead. At least we got some cool pictures for you to look at.

Nebraska vs UCLA: Postgame Overreaction

Perhaps a giant asteroid....

Huskers blacked out by Bruins 41-21

38 unanswered points by UCLA mean the difference in a complete team loss for Nebraska.

Nebraska vs UCLA: SECOND HALF!

Nebraska leads UCLA 21-10 at half time. The Husker defense has played well, and Taylor Martinez threw three touchdown passes in the first half. To win this game, Nebraska's offense needs to continue to score.


Nebraska meets UCLA in a battle of ranked teams, both wanting to prove they're worthy of ranks and moving up the charts!

Nebraska vs UCLA on TV!

Nebraska takes on UCLA in the first true test for both teams early in the season. The game is nationally televised at 11:00 am central on ABC. The Huskers are favored by 6.5 points.

Predictions: UCLA Week

Corn Nation's staff went off on Week 3's best games, including Nebraska-UCLA

The UCLA Q and A with BruinsNation

Talking to the SBNation folks from Westwood today on their expectations for Nebraska/UCLA on Saturday

Are You Going to Blackout the Sea of Red?

The students are planning to wear black against UCLA. What about the rest of the fans? If you are going to the game, are you going to wear black?

Huskers vs Bruins: What Are We Watching For?

Nebraska faces UCLA this weekend, a whole new level of competition and a measuring stick for the Huskers. What will you watch for on Saturday? Here's some tips about the upcoming game which should feature plenty of offense from both teams.

Water From Home No Longer Allowed at Husker Games

Nebraska's new policy prohibits fans from bringing bottled water into the stadium. Fans may bring in empty bottles and fill them inside the stadium, or purchase water at the concession stands.

Huskers vs Bruins: Numbers That Count!

Numbers can tell the story of how well two teams match up. Not fancy statistics, just numbers. Here are those numbers related to Nebraska and UCLA.

Corn Nation LIVE!

The initial foray into CN Live takes on the Southern Miss win, as well as anything you wanna talk about.

DeTasseling The Huskers: Episode 45

Greg and Brian reflect on the Southern Miss win, talk about the TWoS guys going peacemaker, and the upcoming UCLA game.


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