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Husker Football 2015

All About The 2015 Nebraska Football Team

Roundtable: Did Mike Riley Leave Nebraska Football Better Than He Found It?

The CN staff breaks down the roster that Riley inherited and left for Scott Frost.

Alex Lewis And The Beauty Of Redemption

Alex Lewis' 2015 season started poorly. It ended pretty well. Now he's going to get drafted. How you all feel about that?

Nebraska Football 2015: A Season Of Blur

2015 Husker Football in Review Roundtable

The CornNation team sat down over the last month and reflected on the 2015 football season. What do we think happened, and what does the future entail for Nebraska football?

SDR: Nebraska's Recruiting Looks To Bounce Back

The Huskers have not had much luck with verbals. To fill a class with 25-28 kids, the Huskers need to come out strong come the end of the dead period.

Carriker Chronicles: 2015 Nebraska Football Recap

Adam Carriker gives his final thoughts on the 2015 Nebraska football season.

FBS Official Talks About Targeting, Nate Gerry

I spoke with an FBS official about the targeting call against Nate Gerry, and how targeting could be changed to make it less subjective.

Reviewing Our Predictions For The '15 Season

We told you what would happen back in August. Now, we compare that to what actually happened this year.

Carriker Chronicles: Bowl Win Over UCLA

Adam Carriker shares his thoughts on Nebraska's bowl win...

Report Card: Huskers 37, UCLA Bruins 29

For 12 games, Mike Riley tried to jam his square peg offense into the round hole of his player...but in the Foster Farms Bowl, the Huskers did what the Huskers do best: run the dadgummed football.

Maliek Collins Announces He Is NFL Bound

The Junior DT from Kansas City will test the Draft waters.

Foster Farms Bowl: Nebraska Defeats UCLA 37-29

A long game, 300 plus yards, and winning the turnover battle. It gave the Huskers the win Saturday night.

Featured Fanshot

Nebraska's Stanley Morgan With The One Handed TD Catch To Give Nebraska The Lead

Morgan with 2 catches on the drive, especially the big one for the score.

Featured Fanshot

Watch The Terrible Call That Nebraska's Nate Gerry Was Ejected On

That's two games in a row that Gerry has been ejected. The next play was a interception by Nebraska. #BALLDONTLIE

Nebraska vs UCLA Game Thread!!!

This is the final game of the 2015 Nebraska football season. Will it be 6-7, or 5-8?

Marcus Newby Out; No Grade Issues for Bowl Game

Friday's Flakes: Merry Christmas From Corn Nation

It's the most wonderful time of the year. It's also about 24 hours from Nebraska's final Football game of the season.

Previewing UCLA Football

Injuries up front have hampered UCLA's ability to run and stop the run in 2015, but the Bruins have had success passing this season with freshman all-American quarterback Josh Rosen...and in defending the pass. Is this a matchup Nebraska can exploit?

Foster Farms Bowl: Less Than 35,000 Expected

At a pregame press conference, the coaches expressed platitudes towards the other team. Mike Riley talked about transfers, bad luck, and senior leadership, while Jordan Westerkamp showed off his Christmas fashion-sense.

Featured Fanshot

Nebraska JUCO Safety Target Markell Simmons Commits To TCU

Again, Nebraska finished second here after they were first to the plate. The Huskers could use a win.

Carriker: Nebraska vs UCLA

Featured Fanshot

Nebraska LB Target David Reese Commits To Florida

I can tell you that the Huskers led the whole way here till the end, but it doesnt matter if you tie for second in these races. Trent Bray loses one finally, but he did all he could here.

Langsdorf Talks Nebraska O vs. UCLA D

The Husker playcaller knows a key to the game is the Turnover margin for Nebraska.

Jonathan Rose Not A Husker Anymore

The Nebraska HC updated some things after practice Tuesday, including the status of a troubled Cornerback.

SDR: Updates On Reese, Farniok Decision Dates

Check out who Nebraska hosted this weekend in Lincoln, as well as looking at who is set to pull the trigger on his commitment.

Valentine & Collins Testing NFL Draft Waters?

In their first practice to prep for the Foster Farms Bowl, Nebraska HC Mike Riley talked about how the Huskers will practice and who may not be with the team anymore in the future.

Big Red Cobcast: Bowlin'

We did it. We're going to a bowl. We're so excited?

Featured Fanshot

Nebraska JUCO CB Target Maurice Chandler Commits To Arizona State

A rather big defeat on the recruiting trail for Nebraska today. Mike Riley & Brian Stewart did the work here, but Chandler is a Sun Devil.


Adam Carriker gives his insights on Nebraska's bowl game!

Nebraska vs. UCLA in Foster Farms Bowl in San Fran

The Huskers will head to the Bay Area to take on the Bruins for their bowl matchup.

Featured Fanshot

Florida Safety Brandon Drayton Decommits From Nebraska

This one is odd. I wonder if he was a backup plan, and some bigger fish are coming?

SDR: Matt Farniok Officially Visiting Lincoln

The Huskers host their biggest target on campus this weekend.