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Nebraska QB Recruit Patrick O'Brien Named to Elite 11 Finals

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Great news on the recruiting front and a great honor for a future Cornhusker.

Elite 11 Finalists
Elite 11 Finalists
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Perhaps the best part of recruiting is watching the young men who do enter the Nebraska fold achieve great things in the pursuit of their dreams. We get to report on one of those young men tonight, as future NATIONAL CHAMPION Patrick O'Brien received a tremendous honor from the world of high school recruiting.

This one has been hinted at all week since last weekend's semi-finals when O'Brien impressed the coaches at the Elite 11 event in Los Angeles.

It certainly seems like the Elite 11 staff agree with Riley and Langsdorf on their evaluation of O'Brien. Other QBs invited to the Elite 11 include former Nebraska target and now Michigan commit Brandon Peters, Rutgers commit Anthony Russo, Oklahoma State commit Nick Starkel, and Texas commit Shane Buechele. (There are 12 others but I can't find them right now.) The total of 18 quarterbacks will compete for the honor of being one of the Elite 11. (Current Nebraska QB Johnny Stanton IV earned Elite 11 honors in 2012.)

For now, let's congratulate Mr. O'Brien on this honor and wish him good luck at the finals.

(Remember, don't tweet at recruits!)

And for those of you interested, the Elite 11 posted full videos of the two-day competition.