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Nebraska Football Recruiting: Rewind for the Week of 1/11/2013

The highs, lows and everything in between as the Huskers' recruiting efforts are recapped from the past week.

Brandon Cavanaugh

Welcome to the first Corn Nation weekly Recruiting Rewind. If you miss any action on the way to Signing Day (Feb 6), these roundups will keep you informed of what you didn't catch and where the Huskers sit as a class. Let's begin.

- Last Sunday, Nebraska hauled into two defensive tackles: Kevin Maurice and Maliek Collins. The Huskers need defensive tackles in the worst way, so good on the staff for addressing the need.

- OT David Knevel, LB Courtney Love and OLB/S DJ Singleton officially enrolled

- NC State offered Maliek Collins, but this appears to be too little too late.

- Things went south in a hurry with JUCO tight end Brandon Vandenburg as he was allegedly told Nebraska isn't taking any JUCO tight ends three days before his visit. Vandenburg then tweeted about his communication with offensive coordinator Tim Beck.

- Offensive guard commitment Dan Samuelson is giving a hard look at Michigan.

- Terrell Newby, considered one of, if not the best running back in the state of California this cycle chose Nebraska over UCLA on Wednesday. This gives the Huskers a major one-two punch with he and fellow running back commit Adam Taylor.

- Tight end recruit Cethan Carter will be visiting this weekend.

- Former Purdue offensive tackle commit Dwayne Johnson (no, not THAT Dwayne Johnson) will be visiting the week of the 18th.

Nebraska's recruiting class as of today:

Quarterback (1): Johnny Stanton

Running back (2): Terrell Newby, Adam Taylor

Wide Receiver (2): Kevin Gladney, Dominic Walker

Offensive Tackle (2): Zach Hannon, David Knevel

Offensive Guard (1): Dan Samuelson

Tight End (1): Greg Hart

Defensive End (2): Randy Gregory, A.J. Natter

Defensive Tackle (2): Maliek Collins, Kevin Maurice

Inside Linebacker (1): Josh Banderas

Outside Linebacker (2): Courtney Love, Marcus Newby

Safety (1): D.J. Singleton

Long Snapper (1): Gabriel Miller

Athletes - projected positions in parenthesis (2) : Nathan Gerry (linebacker), Marcus McWilson (cornerback)

Keep your eye out for the next Big Board come Monday!

Leave your thoughts on the class and any suggestions for the Rewind below. Make sure to follow Brandon on Twitter and feel free to lob recruiting questions at him.