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Nebraska's Janovich, Gangwish Earn Cabelas Sponsorship

Two Nebraska football players earn a fake corporate sponsorship which means they still really don't get paid at all.

Jack Gangwish, modeler of underwear
Jack Gangwish, modeler of underwear
David McGee

Cabelas is pleased to announce that Nebraska fullback Andy Janovich and defensive end Jack Gangwish have been selected as corporate sponsorship recipients for the remainder of the 2015 Nebraska football season.

Janovich was selected as this season's "Mossy Oak Man" and will receive $25k per month for the remainder of their period as Nebraska football players as well as be a featured model for Mossy Oak in the Cabelas Fall and Winter catalogs.

Gangwish was selected as "The Hunter Spirit of Nebraska" for 2015, a new award named for the Husker football player who "most embodies the pioneering and outdoor spirit of Nebraska", said Cabelas spokesman Billy O'Toole. Gangwish will be featured in both the Fall and Winter catalogs, but be modeling a line of cold weather first-layer clothing, more commonly known as "underwear".

Janovich Shows Why He's Worth Sponsoring As "Mr Mossy Oak"

Both players will receive an additional $25k per month for wearing the Cabelas logo on their Nebraska uniform for the remainder of the season. The logo will be featured prominently on both road and home uniforms.

This is the first year that Cabelas has given the awards. Cabelas is a toy company headquartered in Nebraska. They have giant toy stores all over the United States. Some people go to their giant stores just to see toys, just like having Christmas all year round.

This story isn't real, of course. The whole concept is a NCAA violation, and a Cabelas patch on the current Nebraska uniform would have you shitting your pants in public.

The real question is - why isn't it real? Coaches continue to be the highest paid public employees in nearly every state, administrators are raking it in, and the facilities they're building might as well be at a resort.

Would it be so bad that a couple of regular guys who happened to play college football got actual money that they could earn just by being themselves?