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Cobby - Humor


Someone asked me the other day if The Sandlot was going to make the list. The only answer for him? "Count on it, pee-drinking crap-face!"

Black Hole Photo? No, Just God Laughing At Iowa Football

The universe works in mysterious ways.

Confused Nebraska Fan Still Holding Balloon From Michigan State Game

When are these things supposed to be released?

Dear Husker Fan: A Message From Your Liver

All I’m asking for is a break.

Scott Frost Overheard Making “Zoom” Noises During Practice

Does he actually do that? Maybe....

Nebraska Psychiatric Group Debates How To Prepare State for Scott Frost’s Offense

Are you ready? Are you really ready for Scott Frost’s offense?

Big Ten Basketball Official Admits “Sometimes I Really Don’t Watch The First Half”

A basketball bit!

Scott Frost Puns Growing Cold On Some Nebraskans

This time you get to vote for your favorite ending.

Scott Frost Nixes “Avocado Toast” Playcall

This is possibly the worst joke you’ll ever read. Blame the millenials!

Corn Nation Presents: Nebraska Finds Its Walk-On Coach

In the of "You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next"

Halloween: Moose In, Husker Players Out

Surveys show that nearly no one is dressing up as a Husker player this year, but being a moose is more popular than ever.


Big Red Cobcast: Illinight Night

Because we’re gonna put them to sleep.

Nebraska Student Section Renamed to The Bonezone

Bob Diaco Don’t Know Tacklin’ As Well As He Oughta

Diaco claims to know all these types of tackles, but I’m tellin’ all y’all right now, it’s not enough.

University of Nebraska Athletic Department Announces Covfefe Scholarship

A current day humor piece, folks.

Nebraska Submits Proposal to NCAA for Prenatal D1 Signing Period

Might as well get an early start!

Nebraska Man Dies After Spring Game Fall

This may not be true, but you know you’ve wanted to do it.

The Corn Nation and Big Red Cobcast Free Sh*t Give Away!

We are giving away free stuff...

“Shirtless” Bob Diaco To Host 2017 Nebraska Football 101

This might not be true. Well, the shirtless part anyway. That Bob Diaco is a hot hunk of a man.. that’s definitely true.

The Corn Nation and Big Red Cobcast’s “Cobtest”

On second thought, maybe we should have stuck with contest.

5-Star Beverage Hawker Commits to Huskers

It wasn’t expected, but it was expected. It’s YUUUGE!

Declassified CIA Docs Reveal Secret I-back Breeding Program

Perhaps it should be started up again....

Big Red Cobcast: Diaco, Recruiting and Tigers - Oh My!

Diaco is sexy. We all know that, but you know what’s sexier? Pat’s voice.

University of Nebraska Revises 2016 Attendance Numbers

Big Red Cobcast: Win At All Costs

Sometimes you just want to win.

An Evening With Ol Creigh J Aysker

I sat down with world renowned Jaysker Ol Creigh to find out more about this fanset.

Attention Comrades: Advisory For Nebraska Football Cornhuskers Heading to Madison

The State Department Releases a Travel Advisory

Nebraska vs Indiana: The Credits

The 2016 Huskers have been like a series of suspense movies that keep you on the edge of your seat. Every good movie needs credits. Roll ‘em!

Nebraskans Seeing Jet Sweeps Everywhere

By “Everywhere” we mean everywhere. The psyche of the state is in peril.

Comrade Mike Riley Announces Five Year Plan

Attention! Attention! We announce to you Comrade Riley’s plan for world domination! Join us!


As Reported on by an angry old man.