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2016 Husker Football Opponent Previews

Iowa Hawkeyes Football Preview

Imagine what the 2015 football season would be like if most of the bounces went your team's way? That's how things went for Iowa...and they got a trip to DisneyLand as their reward.

Maryland Terrapins Football Preview

Maryland's quarterbacks were a turnover machine last season, but a new, young coaching staff may be a better fit for what the Terrapins can do this season.

Minnesota Golden Gophers Football Preview

Injuries were a significant factor last season in Minnesota's sub-.500 season. Will the Gophers rebound in 2016? And who will hoist the "$5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy" this November?

Ohio State Buckeyes Football Preview

With only six returning starters, 2016 would be a rebuilding season at most schools. Has Urban Meyer turned Ohio State into a situation where the Buckeyes merely reload rather than rebuild? We'll find out in 2016.

Wisconsin Badgers Football Preview

Last year, Wisconsin won 10 games in atypical fashion due to injuries. Now that Corey Clement is healthy, you'd expect Wisconsin to be even better. And they might be, but might have a worse record thanks to a rugged schedule in 2016.

Purdue Boilermakers Football Preview

Purdue only beat one division 1-A team last season. Could that Halloween nightmare reoccur?

Indiana Hoosiers Football Preview

The Hoosiers combine a high octane offense with a highly porous defense. Can they improve the defense in 2016, and will the offense say just as potent?

Illinois Fighting Illini Football Preview

Three head coaches in eight months combined with wholesale turnover on defense should make for a lot of uncertainty going into this season for the Illini.

Northwestern Wildcats Football Preview

Northwestern found a quarterback in a freshman, combined that with one of the nation’s best defenses, and won 10 games in 2015. Most of the best parts of NW return in 2016 - what does that mean for the Wildcats?

Oregon Ducks Football Preview

Oregon’s offense looks to be potent once again in 2016...but will the Ducks continue to be impotent on defense?

Wyoming Cowboys 2016 Football Preview

Wyoming went 2-10 in 2015 with issues on both sides of the ball, especially on defense where freshmen made up over half of the two-deep. Those freshmen are now a year more experienced...will that mean an bounce back in 2016?

Fresno State Football Preview

Fresno State fell hard, all the way to 3-9 last season. New coordinators, including Dan Hawkins' last offensive coordinator, will certainly shake things up. But in a good way?