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Corn Flakes

Wednesday Flakes Brings You Neck

Monday Flakes: 800 Wins, 700 Year-Old Bargain, and Don’t Cook Chicken in NyQuil

The bye week brings a welcome relief from losing.

Wednesday Flakes Makes You Look At The Sky

Seriously, look up

Corn Flakes: Bad Architecture, Wolf Poop and Jordan Burroughs

A former Husker wrestler continues to make history

Wednesday Flakes Brings You Relief

There’s no reason to get worked up right now. At least for your heath.

Frostless Flakes: A[nother] New Era In Husker Football Is About To Start

Husker football is dead. Long live Husker football.

Wednesday Flakes Brings You The Thought Of Future Nebrasketball

It’s coming

Monday Flakes: Three Things We Learned In the Huskers Win Over North Dakota

Happy Labor Day! Plus, you can unleash all kinds of shenanigans by yelling "poop" at Alexa. You’re welcome.

Wednesday Flakes Brings You Enlightenment

Breath deep and clear your mind. The college football season has yet to crest.

Monday Flakes: Here We Go Again. On Our Own. Travelling Down the Road We’ve Known...

Welcome to our Monday morning Husker fan therapy session. Again.

Nebraska Falls to Northwestern 31-28: Huskers Lose a One-Possession Game (You’re Shocked I Know)

I think we’ve seen this movie before. I still don’t like the ending.

Wednesday Flakes Brings You Hurling

Irelands national sport

Frosted Flakes: Game Week, Mullet Championship and Sandcastle Engineering

Week Zero is here! Are you excited?!?

Tuesday Flakes Brings A Choice Between Two Mascots

Frosted Flakes: Back to School, First Pitch, and Salami

Plus, there are a lot of articles about the Husker offensive line. Who would have guessed?

Wednesday Flakes Brings You The News...Just The News

Frosted Flakes: Husker Football Camp Notes and Zucchini Season

Plus a former Husker pitcher makes an impressive major league debut

Wednesday Flakes Wants You To Write For Us

We need writers. Our current ones are starting to get mold.

Frosted Flakes: County Fair, Bill Russell Passes, and Husker Football is Getting Closer

Plus, you can reduce speeding by planting flowers. Wait, What?

Wednesday Flakes Brings You Change

Frosted Flakes: Velveeta Martini, Husker Offensive Depth, and 25 Runs in One Inning

Plus, why did the chicken cross the road hitch a ride?

Wednesday Flakes Brings You To The Halfway Point Of Summer

It’s hot and dry

Frosted Flakes: Jackalopes, Crab Flavored Whiskey and Billionaire Popsicles

The Husker news is starting to pick up. That means we’re getting close to fall camp!

Wednesday Flakes Loves Opposing Fans Points Of View

Frosted Flakes: Fireflies, Spiders Afraid of Other Spiders, and Lucky Charms Candles

Plus, Derrick Walker bought what?

Wednesday Flakes Brings You A Summer Cold

Just what I needed

Frosted Flakes: Conference Expansion, Poop Bank, and Raining Anchovies

It’s Independence Day! Time to grill food and play with explosives!

Wednesday Flakes Bring You The ACC, Mike Leach, And Some DankPods

The dankets of the dank

Frosted Flakes: Alexa Sounds Like Grandma and Ole Miss Wins the MCWS

College sports are officially in the offseason

Wednesday Flakes Gets Hot At The CWS

Frosted Flakes: New Nerf Mascot, Whisky War Ends, and Pumpkin Toadlets

Plus, women’s basketball and volleyball get commitments this weekend.

Frosted Flakes: Rat Rescuers, Eating Mummies, and a Heat Wave

Plus, the Men’s College World Series field is starting to take shape.