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Corn Flakes

Wednesday Flakes Bring You The ACC, Mike Leach, And Some DankPods

The dankets of the dank

Frosted Flakes: Alexa Sounds Like Grandma and Ole Miss Wins the MCWS

College sports are officially in the offseason

Wednesday Flakes Gets Hot At The CWS

Frosted Flakes: New Nerf Mascot, Whisky War Ends, and Pumpkin Toadlets

Plus, women’s basketball and volleyball get commitments this weekend.

Frosted Flakes: Rat Rescuers, Eating Mummies, and a Heat Wave

Plus, the Men’s College World Series field is starting to take shape.

Wednesday Flakes Brings You The Offseason

Frosted Flakes: Husker Football Camp, World’s Biggest Plant, and Confidence

Plus, we are watching all-time dominance from Oklahoma softball

Wednesday Flakes Brings You Beer

There’s none in heaven, so....

Frosted Flakes: Memorial Day, Lincoln Memorial, and Josh Fight Part Deux

Plus, everyone should have a horse answering their emails

Wednesday Flakes Tells You To Take A Hike

Yes, go get lost

Frosted Flakes: Football Recruiting Notes, Banana DNA and a Milestone Birthday

Plus, a very scared dog makes some new friends

Thursday Flakes Brings You Love For Nick Saban

Long live the king

Wednesday Flakes Brings You Another Haiku That You All Expect And Love

As you all know, please comment in Haikus

Frosted Flakes: Softball Regionals, Doorway on Mars and Spring Planting

Plus, a fundraiser gone wrong

Wednesday Flakes Says Stay Hydrated

Your lawn will love you for it

Frosted Flakes: Graduation Weekend, Kentucky Derby Upset, and Ancient Roman Art at Goodwill

We refuse to talk about baseball

Wednesday Flakes Gives You Sanctions & Bill Jennings

Sanctions are fun

Frosted Flakes: Sixty Year Old Fries, Strange Souvenirs, and NFL Draft Recap

Plus, is NIL creating a pay-for-play expectation in college sports?

Wednesday Flakes Wants To Ask You A Football Question

Frosted Flakes: WBB Gets a Transfer, Feels Like the Dust Bowl, and Swearing Makes You Stronger

Plus, be sure to take your daily poop pill if you want to be in top form at the gym

Wednesday Flakes Brings You Another Delightful Haiku

Frosted Flakes: USFL Debuts, Mushrooms Talk to Each Other, and Softball’s Win Streak Continues

What is the most annoying song you’ve ever heard?

Wednesday Flakes Brings You Dust

It’s dry

Frosted Flakes: Extended Warranty on Tires?, Husker Baseball Blowout, and Dumb TVs

It was an interesting weeked all around

Wednesday Flakes Brings You The Master...

I’m pulling your strings

Frosted Flakes: Women’s Basketball Champions, Klepto-Cat, and the Jeep

Women’s basketball enjoyed their weekend in the spotlight

Wednesday Flakes Gives You An Apple Pie Recipe

Frosted Flakes: March Madness, Oscars (Meh), and Null Island

March Madness has delivered, but it would be nice if a Nebraska team was on the positive side...

Wednesday Flakes - Tournament Haiku

Frosted Flakes: Women’s March Madness, Doug Is Not a Potato, and a Coconut Cult

There were a couple of big upsets in the women’s bracket - both by "local" teams

Wednesday Flakes Brings You The Pros From Dover

Frosted Flakes: Tom Brady’s Back, Ponyhenge and InverteButt Week

Plus, some Monday good dog therapy