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Huskers vs. Wisconsin 2014 Game Center

Petrino, Paterno, Wannstedt, and ....Pelini?

Do we really want to be firing a head coach that's won as many games as Bo Pelini has?

Pelini News Conference: Embarrassed & Disappointed

At his Monday news conference following the Wisconsin loss, Bo Pelini talked a lot about what went wrong. He didn't offer much in the way of solutions.

We live cast the latest #Huskers game

We are sorry for your pain and you can relive it with us. Lets grow as fans together through these hard times.

A Very Special Edition of the Cobs of the Week

This week, it's crystal clear what program was the worst of the weekend in college football. But what side of the ball was the worst?

Report Card: Huskers 24, Wisconsin Scores Again

The worst loss of the Pelini era exposes issues that Husker fans had hoped were resolved.

When Being Good Keeps You From Being Great.

Nebraska has a good Football program and head coach. The problem is, that's what keeps it from being great.

The Morning After: Wisconsin

It was violent. We try to get what everyone said about yesterday's outing in Madison yesterday.

Wisconsin Blasts Nebraska 59-24

The Badgers take the lead in the West Division behind a record day by Melvin Gordon.

2nd H Thread: Badgers lead Nebraska 24-17

It was a glorious 1st Q for Nebraska. The 2nd Q however.. yikes.

Huskers vs. Badgers: First Half Thread

Time for your Nebraska Cornhuskers to take on the Wisconsin Badgers. Come join us for the fun!

This stream has:

Huskers vs. Badgers Game Notes

Featured Fanshot

Huskers going ALL WHITE versus Wisconsin

The @Huskers just tweeted this out. Big Red is going all white for the Wisconsin game. You either love or hate this with a passion.

Staff Predictions: Wisconsin/Nebraska

The Corn Nation staff makes their decisions on this week's set of games, including whether the Huskers can defeat the Badgers in Madison tomorrow.

Corny Kickoff Poetry Is Looking In the Mirror

Nebraska and Wisconsin are two teams that look alike in many ways. Have some fun with us as we limerick, haiku, and rhyme our way through the comparisons.

Nebraska vs Wisconsin: TV, streaming and more

Everything you need to know to watch Saturday's game between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Wisconsin Badgers

The Wisconsin Q&A

Lets find out what the folks on the other side of the ball think about Nebraska/Wisconsin, as we talk to the folks at B5Q about B1G West tilt on Saturday.

Flakes: Predictions Favor Wisconsin over Nebraska

Nebraska vs Wisconsin: Reasons The Huskers Win

Why we believe Nebraska will win against the Wisconsin Badgers.

Nebraska vs Wisconsin: Why The Huskers Could Lose

Five reasons why the Nebraska Cornhuskers could lose to the Wisconsin Badgers in both teams' biggest game of the year so far.

Flakes: What You Wearing (To Wisconsin...)?

There's been no decree to wear black this year.... so what you wearing to Madison, Husker fans? That and today's news!

Reviewing the 2014 Wisconsin Badgers

In recent weeks, questions about the Badgers defense (it's good) and quarterback (Stave is back) have been answered. This week, we'll learn whether Wisconsin is better than Nebraska.

Flakes: Playoff & Big Ten Championship Scenarios

What does Nebraska need to do to get into the playoff? What does Nebraska need to win their division? What does Nebraska need.... oh, all that and more news!

Huskers Drop to 16th in newest CFB Playoff Poll

Big Red go down after a bye week.

Pre-Quadrangle Review: The Rise of the Defense

The Quadrangle of Hate is all that stands between the Huskers and a trip to Indy. Before the team runs the gauntlet we took a look at where the Big Red ranks.

Flakes: Will Ameer Abdullah Be Ready For Wisconsin

Bo Pelini held his weekly presser, given an update on Ameer Abdullah, amongst many other things. That and all the news for today!


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