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Huskers vs. Troy 2018 Game Center

Nebraska Football And Volleyball: What A Contrast

One team is struggling. One team is executing at a very high level.

Numbers, Statistics and Lies: Troy Edition

Panic? Hope? None of the above? There is a lot of noise and not a lot of signal in this week’s stats.

Report Card: Troy Trojans 24, Huskers 19

Nebraska still keeps finding ways to steer into the ditch.

Recap and Postgame Reaction Thread: Nebraska Football 19 Troy 24

This one is gonna sting for a while.

Nebraska Football 7 Troy 17 : Second Half Thread

The Trojans lead the Huskers behind Nebraska turnovers and sloppy special teams. Nebraska found some momentum late in the half, will it continue?

CN Staff Loses Your Money: Troy Edition

Is anybody picking Troy? Consider this crew’s track record, we better hope so...

Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: Troy

If you wanted four or six reasons, I’m sorry to disappoint you

“I Took Troy +12 1⁄2 Over Rome & Covered”: The Corn Nation Q&A With The Trojans

Nebraska Football Vs Troy: Game Time, TV, Streaming, Odds and More

Everything you need to know to watch, listen or stream the Huskers vs the Trojans

Friday Flakes: Frost Instills Confidence in Team and Fanbase

What about you?

Five Reasons Nebraska Will Lose: Troy

Will Scott Frost start his season even worse than Mike Riley did?

Reviewing the Troy Trojans

Turnovers were big factors in Troy’s loss to Boise and victory over FAMU.