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Huskers vs. Rutgers 2015 Game Center

Report Card: Huskers 31, Rutgers 14

The Huskers started fast, and finished strong. But three interceptions made things a little nerve wracking just before and after halftime.

The Morning After: Rutgers

The Huskers win their second straight game to give them a 5-6 mark on the season. Here's what folks are saying about it this morning.

Huskers Trample Knights In Jersey 31-14

Rutgers would get close at 21-14, but Nebraska finished for the second time in a row to win the game! Woohoo!!!

Featured Fanshot

Nebraska Up 21-0 On Tommy Armstrong's Second TD Of The Day!

The Huskers now have a 3 score lead, and Rutgers fan is restless.

Featured Fanshot

Tommy Armstrong To Jordan Westerkamp Gives Nebraska A 14-0 Lead

That was Tommy Armstrong's 50th TD pass as a Husker. 5 plays, 45 yards and TA is 7-7 to start the game.

Featured Fanshot

Nebraska Leads 7-0 On This Cethan Carter End Around TD

8 plays and 79 yards on that opening drive.

Huskers vs Scarlet Knights: The Game Thread!!!!

Nebraska vs. Rutgers: Week 11 Predictions

You can make the bye week. Just get through this one and look at our picks trying not to suck.

Nebraska vs Rutgers: TV, Streaming and More

Everything you need to know to watch Saturday’s game between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

The Rutgers Q&A

Our main man at the Scarlet Knights' SBN site helps us figure out who Nebraska will see Saturday.

Corn Nation’s Got Questions: Rutgers

Every week we ask questions about the upcoming opponent. A few days after the game, we check back to see if we got answers. This week, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights have our attention. Which wounded team will walk, errr, limp away with the victory?

Previewing Rutgers Football 2015

Wide receiver Leonte Carroo has only played in 15 quarters this season due to injuries and suspensions...but leads Rutgers with nine touchdowns. Carroo is officially questionable, but insiders suspect he'll play this Saturday against Nebraska.