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Nebraska Football: Ohio State Week Predictions

The CornNation staff's predictions for Week 6 of the College Football season.

Gregory Shamus - Getty Images

Husker Mike: Sheesh...the SEC kicks the rest of college football even with scheduling.

Cornhead: Yeah, the week we have our biggest game of the year, the SEC has "bigger ones".

Mister Mike: Should I start the SEC chant now?

Billgrip: We’ve got lots of exciting games this week folks! (AKA SEC conference play is in full swing.) Excuse me while I go throw-up.

Jon: Hey now. SEC football is damned good football. Overbearing, well, yeah. Exciting, well, sometimes. At least there’s good games, right?

Salt Creek: I’m short on time, so we’ll dissect last week’s attempts next week.

Brian: Good, cause mine couldn’t suck enough.

Andy: Hey, I was 0-0. Best week yet!

LSU (-3) at Florida

Cornhead: I’ve been on the Gators all year, and the way LSU has played the past couple weeks, I should stick with the Chomp in the Swamp. Not so fast my friends. The Mad Hatter, somehow, someway, leads his teams to victory in these types of games. Grass Eater: 18, Gators: 17

Husker Mike: LSU had to be looking ahead to the Gators last week. Had to, right? I’d quote Lee Corso here...but the mother ship frowns on profanity. Ahhhhhh... eff it! LSU 24, Flahrida 21

Jon: All comes down to who can run the ball better and lessen mistakes. You’ve got Florida’s Jeff Driskel, who’s still learning to play versus Zach Mettenberger, who hasn’t done all that well. The difference is home, and I’ll take the Gators in the Swamp. Floriduh 24, LSU 21

Mister Mike: The Hat is getting three points on the road in the Swamp. While their offense has been about as bad in some games as a 3rd grade Pop Warner midget squad, their defense has been exceptional. Like it has been every year under the Hat. LSU won’t put up many points, but neither will Florida. The Hat 21, Will Muschamp’s Angry Children 13

David McGee: My understanding is that feline animals aren’t terribly fond of water. Assuming that’s the case, swamps probably aren’t going to be good, then for Tigers. Gators: 20 LSU: 13

Aaron: I’ve been high on Florida after their road wins against A&M and Tennessee. I’ve been down on LSU because they just haven’t looked great outside of the Washington game. Florida 27, LSU 13

Billgrip: This is going to be one boring game. LSU 24, Florida 21

Salt Creek: Florida puts the nail in LSU’s BCS title game hopes.

Brian: I’m still trying to figure out how Zack Metterberger is better than what Jordan Jefferson or Jarrett Lee brought last year all of a sudden when he was third string behind them. I can’t. And as much as I know Les Miles’ horseshoe put in a corner of his body is helping them... I can’t take LSU. Florida squeaks by and sets up their SEC East run.

Andy: I haven't been real impressed with either of these teams. I think the denizens of The Swamp see a chance to get back on the big stage & will be at their drunken, noisy best. Maybe that's the difference? Also, LSU's quarterback is a pervert. FLA 22 LSU 20

Georgia (+2.5) at South Carolina

Cornhead: I’ll be honest: I have no damn clue on this one. But, the ‘ole Ball Coach, who I think started the ridiculous visor trend, is more fun to root against. Give me Uga IX’s ugly ass over the Cocks. Uga IX: 24, Visors: 21

Husker Mike: Stop and think about it... Georgia allowed Tennessee to score 45 last week. What do you think Connor Shaw and Marcus Lattimore will do? And no, Georgia is NOT scoring 51 on SC. Cocks 38, Dawgs 21

Jon: We’re not accustomed to seeing "Georgia" and "South Carolina" along with the phrase "huge game in the SEC", but that’s the case this season. The Gamecocks have now become a perennial contender, but until they win a game like this they’re still "almost". Again, it’s about who can run the ball better, and in that case, I’ll take the ‘Cocks’ defense against Georgia. OTOH, if you ask me who’s capable of scoring more points, I’d have to say Georgia. Still, Jadeveon Clowney. OTOH, Jarvis Jones. ARgggh. South Carolina 27, Georgia 25.

Mister Mike: This feels like Richt’s year. I still have that nagging-ass feeling in the back of my skull that the Dawgs are just going to drop a game here, inexplicably. Is this the one? I think Georgia’s DL is the difference here. Dawgs 31, Visor-Cocks 23

DM: My high school mascot was a bulldog. We didn’t win many football games. I like Lattimore to have a big game and Coach Spurrier feels emboldened to pick another fight with another media member. USC: 27 UGA: 23

Aaron: South Carolina has been playing good football under the radar. UGA’s defense was quite porous last week. Gonna have to give the nod to the Gamecocks. USC 24, UGA 21

Billgrip: These teams are rated what, 5th and 6th? Have they done anything to earn those rankings besides being in the SEC? I don’t think so. But the winner of this game will likely be in the top 3, and the loser will fall to around 10th. It’s circular reasoning..."The SEC is good because they play other good teams in the SEC." I don’t care who wins this one, so I’ll go with the home team. Georgia 24, South Carolina 31

Salt Creek: GO DAWGS.

Brian: As much as I would like Spurrier to fall on his face for the stuff he’s pulled lately with the local media, I don’t think Georgia could stop Lattimer if he started every run in concrete that is drying in the heat of the South. Georgia in this one.

Andy: Too many family ties and no way to look at this rationally. They used play 12-9 or 15-10 type shitfests annually, but that changed last year. Georgia's offense has been great and their defense, expected to be up there with LSU's and 'Bama's, hasn't. Another shootout. Screw you, Spurrier, no one's suspended. UGA 41 SC 33

UCLA (-2.5) at California

Cornhead: Considering their records, you’d think the Bruins would be heavier favorites. But I’m just not sure about them yet. Surely they can beat the hippies though, right? Hopefully to make the Corn look better: UCLA: 38, Hippies: 24

Husker Mike: Vegas isn’t sure of this one. But Cal is simply Bad this year. UCLA 31, Cal 17

Jon: UCLA’s offense over California everything. I don’t get the close points on this one either. Johnathan Franklin hasn’t scored a rushing touchdown since the first game of the season, and Cal isn’t going to stop him hitting 100 yards. UCLA 34, California 24

Mister Mike: If I could pick UCLA twice in this game, I would. California shouldn’t be able to hang with the Bruins for very at all. If this keeps up, Jeff Tedford is going to become less important than the trees there in Berk...oh wait. He already is. Sucks for you JT. UCLA 42, Cal 24

DM: So, if UCLA is better than Nebraska, but not Oregon State and Cal can go into Ohio State and push the Buckeyes to the brink, you’ve gotta think that Cal can play well vs. the Bruins. Problem is they’ve struggled to get anything going this year and have only defeated Southern Utah. Yeesh. Don’t like their chances vs. UCLA. Mythical Bears: 38 Golden Bears: 10

Aaron: Cal is not very good this year. UCLA 45, Cal 24

Billgrip: Is Cal ever good? UCLA 49, Cal 17

Salt Creek: How is Tedford still coach? UCLA.

Brian: Cal isn’t very good now, and when the loss of stud recruiter Tosh Lupoi is felt in a few years... #FireJeffTedford UCLA in this one.

Andy: Maybe if they had Aaron Rodgers back. UCLA 38 Cali 21

Michigan (-3) at Purdue

Cornhead: My bro advised: Stay away from Michigan! Trap game! Trap game! I don’t know about all that. Hoke has had 2 weeks to prepare his team. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Boilermakers get the ‘W’, and it would certainly help our Corn, but I just can’t pull the trigger on ‘em: Coolest Helmets in all of Football: 41, Boilermakers, 31

Husker Mike: I ridiculed Purdue’s defense for letting some nobody race up and down the field in the second half. But in the first half, it was a blowout. And let’s not forget their common opponent. Notre Dame beat Purdue in the closing minutes, while Michigan pretty much trailed Notre Dame all night long. The choo-choo rolls. Boilers 31, Weasels 24

Jon: At 2-2, Michigan really really really needs this game. Purdue’s defensive line has been a strength, 22nd nationally against the rush, and if the Boilers are going to win, they’re going to have to make Denard Robinson throw the ball. Michigan continues to struggle. Purdue 28, Michigan 24

Mister Mike: Definitely a trap game here. Denard Robinson has been a turnover generating machine in big games, but Boiler doesn’t have enough talent on the other side to consistently take advantage of them. Wolvey 31, Makers 20

DM: This is the first opportunity for Purdue to really announce that they’re not only contenders in the Leaders division, but perhaps even the favorite. The Boilermakers had a bye week leading up to their match-up vs. Marshall last week and they played at times like they had prepared some for Michigan the week before. Conversely, Michigan needs to make a statement here as well. Their first two marquee match-ups this year, Michigan has folded up like a house of cards. This is a big game for both teams. I expect it to be a close game, Purdue absolutely has the athletes to beat the Wolverines, but Michigan has the best player on the field and he’ll be the difference. Michigan: 31 Purdue: 30

Aaron: Purdue has a lot of momentum and home field advantage. D-Rob & Company have struggled on the road the past couple years. Boiler Up. Purdue 42, Michigan 31

Billgrip: Michigan looked awful against a team that could probably handle some NFL teams, and then again on the road against a pretty good Notre Dame squad. I say the hate has gone too far. They will not lose to Purdue, especially with two weeks to prepare. Michigan 38, Purdoodle 21

Salt Creek: A battle between yarn-powered hand-warmers and the guys who put people on the Moon? I’ll take the Moon.

Brian: (trying to figure out who Salt took) This game? Michigan has had 2 weeks to prepare. Denard isn’t great right now, but methinks he’s got a clue in this one.

Andy: Can't pull the trigger on an upset pick here. Rodents 37 Teapots 19

Nebraska (+4.5) at Ohio State

Cornhead: Can our Corn handle the environment? Can we hold onto the football? Can we gang tackle Braxton Miller? Can we get off to a fast start? Can we avoid killer penalties? Lots of damn questions. Too many question marks? Nah, Bo leads the mild upset at his old stomping grounds and the Corn jump into the top 12 next week. Corn: 31, Buckeyes: 28

Husker Mike: Will this be an "on" week or an "off" week for the Huskers? Heck if anybody knows. So I’ll go with the homer "on" pick. The Blackshirts come up with a plan to contain Miller, and the offense rolls. Huskers 34, Buckeyes 24 Jon: Before the season started, I think most Husker fans would have chalked this game up as a loss. Now that we’ve seen the offense over the past few games that feeling has changed. Ohio State hasn’t yet got their offense (other than Miller) going, and their defense isn’t the complete juggernaut they used to be. It’s all about how we handle ourselves on the road. When in doubt, go homer. I’m with Mike. Nebraska 35, Ohio State 28

Mister Mike: Two words: Braxton Miller. Everyone is well acquainted with Pelini’s inability to truly contain mobile QB’s without a couple of real studs on the DL. If we are aggressive on D and attack and attack, throwing elbows and a couple of Hulk Hogan leg drops on the head of Miller, then we win. Unfortunately I just don’t see it this game. I think we play a game with less mistakes on the offensive side, but I think tOSU with Miller just makes too many plays to win. Sorry folks...tOSU 31, Huskers 24.

DM: If we go back ten or 15 years or so, this might be the most hostile atmosphere Nebraska will play in on Saturday. They have not forgotten what a happened here last year. That motivation will last a handful of plays on the field, but in the stands, it will be a factor for much longer than that. Nebraska badly needs to weather the early storm. If they get through the first quarter within one score of the Buckeyes, I really like the Husker’s chances to make this a game. If the tackling we saw in Lincoln last week makes the trip as well, there’s no reason Nebraska can’t win. This is going to be a tense, physical game. I know this is a game Nebraska can win, but I don’t really expect it. I do think it will be a close game, if Nebraska can get the game into the 30’s they’ll win. I say NU: 38 OSU 35 Gosh, we’ve got a lot or homers on here. I’m ok with that.

Aaron: Well, game of the week. As I said earlier, Cal isn’t very good and MSU provided the blue print to slowing down Braxton. Home game at night under the spotlight. Nebraska was there last week and hopefully won’t have a repeat of a first quarter "sweating like a pig" nerves. OSU will have the pressure on them that we had last week and I think we catch em off guard and go up a couple TD’s early. The Huskers hang on to win 37-31.

Billgrip: Wow, everyone before me picked the Huskers to win this one. No pressure here...I’m going to be a party-pooper. Unless our front 7 put in cheat codes to increase their speed rating since the UCLA game, I just can’t see them containing Braxton Miller. In a big night game at home, I think OSU makes just enough plays to get the W, despite a solid performance from the Huskers. Ohio State 31, Nebraska 28

Salt Creek: #teamsunshine is all in. NEBRASKA.

Brian: At the start of this season, I took Nebraska to be 4-2 and 1-1 in conference play when the bye week happened. And I’m still taking this, because for all the confidence I have in Nebraska at home with Bo keeping an even keel and Tim Beck calling plays for Taylor, that does a 180 degree spin on the road. Braxton is the quintessential issue for Bo Pelini’s defenses: a running QB that can throw it when necessary. I'm taking Ohio State to win this game, and I hope I’m wrong, but with all the distractions the last couple of weeks (TO’s retirement, the hiring of Shawn Eichorst and some friction in the Athletic Department coming to light), I can’t trust that Nebraska will have a good start to the game.

And yes, I’m still okay with 4-2 for this team. Why? Because the entire West Division is right in front of this team and the true meat of the schedule is in front of them. Now, this all being said, if Nebraska loses in a ugly fashion, expect it to be a very tense week in North Stadium and across the Nebraska state newswire. A close game will be great to see and that’s what I hope for (with a Husker win), but out of 100 times, OSU wins this more times than they lose it.

Andy: Nebraska may be better off having beat these guys last year as revenge just isn't their bag, babe. The prospect of wanting to murder an inferior Wiscy team at home had them so messed up mentally that they were left to eke out a 3 point comeback win against a team they should have murdered. Strange as it may sound, I believe OSU's night game, home field advantage proves less daunting. Also, Braxton Miller's going to get knocked out of another game. NU 38 One of a multitude of Ohio state colleges 28