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Nebraska Cornhuskers Gameday: THE Ohio State Buckeyes

Nebraska Cornhuskers Gameday: THE Ohio State Buckeyes

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We avoid pissing the game completely away by staging a 17 point comeback against Wisconsin to win it 30 - 27. I'd like to say something more profound here, but suffice it to say after wetting our drawers in the first 30 minutes; we went in at half-time, threw our pee-soaked boxers in the wash and came back out wearing our Superman boxer briefs and Batman feety-pajamas (cue obligatory alternate uniform jokes here). Sorry Wisconsin.

We cleared our first hurdle of the conference season, exacting a measure of sweet, sweet revenge against the Badgers. We face just a weensy-bit higher of a hurdle this week (try Empire State Building sized) travelling to the ‘Shoe to face the Buckeyes. The Buckeyes are favored by three points at home, which means this one works out to another "pick-em" type situation for this game. This is a wacky-ass game in that both fan-bases feel very strongly that their team is going to get murdered, due to a glaring lack of confidence in their own teams. This is a game that could be one of the best conference games of the year.

Game 6: THE Ohio State University Buckeyes

October 6th, 2012 | 7:00 PM CT

Ohio Stadium | Columbus, OH

Television: ABC/ESPN2

Announcers: Play-by-Play - Brad Nessler, Color Commentator - Todd Blackledge

Sideline Reporter - Holly Rowe

NOTE: We get one of the best crews for the game again. Muck Fusberger...

Tickets from $78

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Last Week: Defeated Michigan State Spartans 17 - 16

Ohio St. Buckeyes Coaches and Personnel

Head Coach: Urban Meyer, 1st Season. Record: 5 - 0, (Overall 109 - 23)

Offensive Coordinator: Tom Herman / Ed Warriner

Defensive Coordinator: Luke Fickell / Everett Withers

Everyone knows the story here. Urbz opts out at the end of the 2010 football season, citing heart-issues. Turns out he really had one and when Ohio State backed a dump truck full of money up to his front door, he finally found it and returned to coaching. Nevertheless, he's one of the game's premiere spread offense gurus and it's not an understatement to say that he's assembled an excellent staff up in Columbus.

Offensive Leaders:

QB - Braxton Miller, SO. Last Week: 16 - 23, 179 Yds, 1 TD, 1 INT. 23 Carries, 136 Yds

Braxton Miller. You guys remember that one time when we went out to Los Angeles to play UCLA who had a mobile QB? Yeah of course you do. It's the same thing that happens nearly every time we play a team with a mobile QB. We lose. Mobile QB's are Bo's kryptonite, his anathema. Going back to his days at LSU and before, Bo's always had issues defending mobile QB's and Braxton is one of the mobile-ist in all of football. But don't sweat it folks, we got a couple things working for us. First you never want your QB to be your leading rusher. Well, Braxton is for the Buckeyes. He's got 90 carries through the first five games this year. Odds are good that if he keeps averaging 20 carries a game, he's going to get hurt. Sooooo...what does that mean for us? Well we've got to attack, attack, and attack some more. None of this sit back and contain crap, while the DL plays paddy cake with their OL and our corners are out chicken fighting with their receivers. We need to hit him. Hard. With helmets, if possible. Because if we don't, he will kill us with his legs, whether it's death by a thousand cuts or him breaking big plays consistently. Here's to hoping Bo declares open season on Miller.

TE - Jake Stoneburner, SR. Last Week: No touches.

He's got to have the best damn name ever for a TE. Stoneburner. Just let that roll off the tongue a little bit. Stoneburner. That's badass. Regardless of how incredibly awesome his name is, he presents match-up problems for us. He's too fast for a LB and too big for a corner. So what to do? Well, you won't see Mitchell trying to cover him. At least, I hope not. You'll most likely see Evans or SJB trying to match him up man to man.

Defensive Leaders:

DL - John Simon, SR. Last Week: 4 Tkls, 2 Solo, 2 Asst, 1 TFL

So while his stats aren't all shiny and pretty, he is extremely, extremely disruptive along the line. Expect to hear Brad say his name a few times Saturday night. He is more than capable of causing problems for us, so here's to hoping Beck studied his Chinese puzzle tricks to keep him occupied for the night...preferably with more than one blocker.