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Huskers vs. Ohio State

4-1 Nebraska heads to Columbus to face the undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes.

Stopping Ohio State's Braxton Miller

If you're a Nebraska fan, Braxton Miller is the subject of your nightmare this week. What you gonna do about it? More importantly, what's Bo Pelini and John Papuchis gonna do?

Ohio State And Nebraska Fans Together In Harmony

Husker and Buckeye fans get together at a tailgate in Columbus and everyone reported having a real good time.

Rewind That: What The Heck Is Going On?

Let's all share some thoughts and observations on the Nebraska vs. Ohio St. game.

A Bad Week for Pelini As His Seat Warms Further

With a new boss taking over after the season, Pelini recognizes the warning signs. But it's easier said than done to simply say "win out".

Cob of the Week: Who Sucks As Much as NU?

This week's candidates include UCLA, Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Florida State, and TCU's Casey Pachall...oh, and the Nebraska defense too!

CN Report Card: Huskers 38, Buckeyes Scored Again

Nebraska doesn't need to find someone to be held responsible for what happened against Ohio State, Nebraska needs someone to take responsibility to fix the problems that exist.

Huskers vs Buckeyes - Drive Chart



Nebraska vs Ohio State - SECOND HALF THREAD

Join us for Huskers vs Buckeyes

Ohio State Week Predictions

The CornNation staff's predictions for Week 6 of the College Football season.

The Reads: Where tOSU classes are Pointless

Urban Meyer's Ohio State is recruiting athletes, not students...and fallout from Shawn Eichorst's hiring in both Miami and Lincoln.

The Ohio State Q and A

The weekly Q and A about the upcoming Nebraska Football game. This week, The Ohio State University.

Nebraska's keys to victory vs. Ohio St.

The keys to victory Nebraska has to accomplish to beat Ohio St.

Pelini vs Urban! This Saturday Only!

Nebraska Cornhuskers Gameday: THE Ohio State Buckeyes

Will Bo Pelini's Homecoming Be Happy?

You thought Homecoming was last week, didn't ya? Well...think again...because coach Bo Pelini is headed home to Columbus for the first time since he played football at Ohio State in the late 1980s.