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Huskers vs. Minnesota 2017 Battle for the Broken Chair

Report Card: Minnesota Golden Gophers 54, Huskers 21

It "started bad and went from there." Now the question regarding Mike Riley being dismissed goes from "if" to "when".

Minnesota Steamrolls the Huskers 54 to 21

The Huskers gave up a "boatload" of points to the Gophers. Here is your recap, overreaction thread, afternoon WBB thread, and afternoon college football thread.

Nebraska Football vs Minnesota Game Thread - The Battle for the Broken Chair

On a cold day in Minneapolis, the broken chair makes its triumphant return. Will it stay in the north land or return to Lincoln?

Corn Nation Predictions: Huskers vs. Minnesota

One of our guys is either delusional...or trolling.

NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: “My Enemy Is A Varmint!” - The Minnesota Q&A

You need to know more about Nebraska’s opponent, Minnesota, ahead of the game. We have you covered!

Five Important Reasons Nebraska Will Beat Minnesota

Come on. Please. Can we have a decent weekend for a change?

Nebraska Football vs. Minnesota: Game Time, TV, Streaming, Odds, and More

Everything you need to know to watch Saturday's game between the Huskers and the Golden Gophers.

Five Reasons Nebraska Will Lose to Minnesota

Our beloved Huskers lose to the Gophers? Possibly...

Reviewing the 2017 Minnesota Golden Gophers

The Gophers are 1-5 in Big Ten play.