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Huskers vs. Minnesota 2015 Game Center: Battle for the Broken Chair

The Morning After: Minnesota

The Huskers play their most complete game of the year in a victory over the Gophers. Here is what folks are saying this morning.

Recap: Huskers Win the Chair! Neb 48 Minny 25

The Huskers finally put away an opponent and hold on to a fourth quarter lead. Bonus! They win their first REAL Big Ten trophy!

Featured Fanshot

Nebraska Has The Broken Chair!!


Huskers Beat Minny 48-25! Celebration Open Thread!

No word as to whether Minnesota actually brought the trophy or not....

Huskers 24, Gophers 17: 2nd Half Game Thread

Can the Huskers keep the momentum up in the second half and claim the Broken Chair Trophy? Join us in the Game Thread!

Huskers vs. Gophers: THE GAMETHREAD

Gametime has arrived. LET'S GOOO!!

Featured Fanshot

Nebraska Stays All-Whites vs. Minnesota Today

The road all-whites continue. Make of that what you wish.

Nebraska vs. Minnesota Predictions.

Cobby joins us to pick the games for Week 7 and Huskers/Gophers. You have been warned.

Nebraska vs Minnesota: TV, Streaming and More

Everything you need to know to watch Saturday's game between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Minnesota Golden Gophers.

The Minnesota Q/A With The Daily Gopher

Can the Huskers end their losing streak to Goldy and bring the Chair back to Lincoln? Our SBNation friends up North give us hints at how it can be done.

Corn Nation’s Got Questions: Minnesota Part “Q”

Q is for question. Every week we ask questions about the upcoming opponent. A few days after the game, we check back to see if we got answers. This week, the Minnesota Golden Gophers have our attention.

The Broken Chair Trophy: NU's True B1G Trophy

By being created by the same spirit of fun and irreverence that spawned the Axe, Bucket and Spittoon, the Broken Chair Trophy created by Goldie Gopher and Faux Pelini is Nebraska's true Big Ten rivalry trophy.

Previewing the Minnesota Golden Gophers

Minnesota found two dynamic freshmen to power their running game, but haven't found a solution in the passing game. Is this the week that Nebraska's beleaguered pass defense gets better? Will that mean the Broken Chair Trophy returns to Lincoln?