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Huskers vs. Michigan State 2014 Game Center

Report Card; Michigan State 27, Huskers 22

A heroic comeback comes up a little short...and doesn't change the reasons why Nebraska fell behind so badly in the first place. Starting with the offensive line...

The Morning After: Michigan State

It was a blowout. Then almost the greatest comeback in Nebraska history. What did folks say about the Huskers loss vs. Sparty? Here is your Sunday morning roundup.

Huskers Comeback Against Sparty Falls Short

Michigan State raced to a 27-3 lead, only to watch as the Huskers nearly pulled off another miracle fourth quarter comeback.

Nebraska vs Michigan State - The Game Thread!!!!

Featured Fanshot

ESPN Nebraska vs Michigan State Promo

ESPN's 30-second Nebraska vs Michigan State Promo

Staff Predictions: Nebraska vs. Michigan State

The CN staff takes a look at a big weekend in Conference play, including Huskers/Sparty.

Nebraska vs Michigan State: By The Numbers

Nebraska will face top ranked Michigan State Saturday night. Here are some most meaningless numbers you can sound smart spewing at friends.

Featured Fanshot

Easy Call - Nebraska vs Michigan State

The SBNation Easy Call dudes talk about the Huskers vs Spartans

Huskers vs Michigan State: TV and more

Everything you need to know to watch Saturday's game against the #10 Michigan State Spartans.

The Michigan State Q&A

Talking Sparty is never a bad thing. We hit up The Only Colors, the MSU SBN community to find out the goods on Michigan State.

Huskers Are Red, Sparty Is Green

Corny kickoff poetry goes rogue this week. Bonus: The Ballad of Cobby

VSH Podcast - Ep. 9: A Corn In Sparty's Side

The Hooligans recap the Huskers' beatdown of Illinois, review the monstrosities that were the Red Rising uniforms, preview the GIGANTIC game against Sparty, and debut a very special song about Ameer Abdullah called "Fear Ameer Is The Truth".

Reviewing Michigan State Football

Over the last 12 months, the Spartans' offense has went from one of the worst in all of college football to one of the best, statistically speaking. What does that mean when the Huskers come calling this Saturday?