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Huskers vs. Michigan State Game Center

The Michigan State Q/A With The Only Colors

Our Michigan State SBNation community helps us figure out Sparty before Saturday night's big tilt.

Five Reasons Nebraska Beats Michigan State Sat.

A top-10 team coming to Lincoln for a prime-time game in a season that needs a defining victory. Yep, it's ripe for an upset.

Report Card: Michigan State 41, Huskers 28

Haters are going to hate..but Nebraska's defense played well enough to win. Most of the offense as well. Just too many freshman mistakes for the Huskers to overcome.

Sunday Flakes: Nebraska/Michigan State

What are they saying after yesterday's loss to Sparty? Check it all out here.

Huskers vs. MSU: Gallery

Huskers turned the ball over five times vs. MSU on Saturday to squelch any opportunity they may have had of taking the reigns of the division race. Instead, they find themselves on the outside looking in once again.

NU vs MSU: Post Game Overreaction

Nebraska loses to Michigan State 41-28, and with the loss, won't win their division and won't make the Big Ten title game.

MSU Leads NU 20-7 At Half - THE COMEBACK IS ON!

Nebraska gave up four turnovers, allowing Michigan State some easy scores. The Spartans lead 20-7 at the half.


Nebraska vs Michigan State game thread - this is a must-win for both teams if they wish to make it to the Big Ten title game!

NU vs MSU: Game Time, And More!

Nebraska plays Michigan State at 2:30 pm on Saturday, November 16th, in a game on ABC or ESPN2 dependent upon your coverage area.

Predictions: Week 12/Michigan State Week

It's time for the staff's thoughts on all of Week 12's big games, including Sparty's trip to Lincoln.

The Michigan State Q and A

Time to hear from the other side of the field about the matchup between the Huskers and Spartans.

NU vs MSU: By The Numbers!

You can tell a lot about what's going to happen in the Nebraska - Michigan State by looking at the numbers. Not real fancy. Just many, many rankings.

Corn Flakes for November 14th

Today's news on what Nebraska did to Michigan's offense, as well as another visitor to Lincoln this upcoming weekend.

NU vs MSU: ABC/ESPN Coverage Map

Nebraska vs Michigan State will be televised on ABC or ESPN2 dependent upon what part of the country you're in.

Michigan State Preview

If Nebraska's defense continues to play like they have the last seven quarters, this game has a chance to be an extremely low-scoring defensive struggle. The Spartans defense is definitely real, but their offense is still somewhat fragile.