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Huskers vs. Louisiana Tech 2023 Game Center

Week 4 Predictions: Huskers vs. Louisiana Tech

NEBRASKA vs Louisiana Tech How To Watch Huskers Football, Spreads, Odds, Game Time, TV/Streaming/Radio

Mid-major fun ends Saturday evening and here’s all the info you need to enjoy your afternoon where hopefully the most stressful moment is who gets the start at QB

THE 24 HOUR RULE: The Supreme Beings Hate Huskers Football, Let’s Bash Colorado One Last Time & There Is No Controversy

Even a mid-major week can’t pass without a junk punch, more fawning over Colorado and a QB "controversy" only defensible on one side.

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs 2023 Football Preview

While Louisiana Tech’s offense likely won’t be as explosive as the Tim Rattay/Troy Edwards group that nearly torched Memorial Stadium 25 years ago, Nebraska’s best strategy might be to play keep away, pounding a defense that gave up 6+ yds/carry in 22.