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Huskers vs. Illinois Game Center

The Morning After: Illinois

After a late night affair in Lincoln, you're looking for what you need to know. Here's everything in one nice, tight bundle.

Nebraska vs Illinois - Game Thread

Join us here at CN as we try to understand what's happening...

Illinois Visitors & Updates!

There are many things to cover in recruiting this week, from OV's for the Illinois game to updates from visits the last couple of weeks. Lets see what is going on.

Featured Fanshot

Illinois Edition of the Tunnel Walk of Shame

What's the offensive plan of attack this week? #feerAmeer

The Illinois Q&A With The Champaign Room

Our Illini SBNation friends took the time to answer the questions we had for them.

Week 5 College Football Schedule

Start planning your weekend of college football watching. Week 5 is almost here.