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Huskers vs. Colorado 2019 Game Center

Huskers vs. Colorado 2019 Game Center

Nebraska vs Colorado, How to Watch: Game Time, TV, Streaming, Odds, and More

Everything you need to know to watch Saturday’s football game between the Huskers and the Buffaloes.

Numbers, Statistics and Lies: Colorado Edition

INTERRUPTING ALL PROGRAMS-- Colorado Was More Lucky Than Good

And I Got $500 For A Charity If Tel Mucker Bests Frost’s W-L

Nebraska Football Monday Press Conference: Deontai Williams Out Indefinitely and the Mullet is Gone

Jack Stoll cut his hair! The head coach announced that a starting safety underwent shoulder surgery and talked about what needs to be fixed moving forward

Huskers Drop Out of Top 25 After the Week Two FanPulse Poll

No surprise Nebraska goes unranked after an overtime loss to Colorado

Reviewing the 2019 Colorado Buffaloes

Colorado found their answer at tailback this offseason, but the Buffaloes pass defense is, at best, a work in progress.

Nebraska Leads Colorado 17-0 At Half

Let’s not sit on it.

Nebraska Football vs Colorado: Time To Put The Hippies (NOT THE GOOD KIND) In Their Place

Let’s crush them until blood comes out their eyeballs.

CornNation Loses Your Money: Huskers vs. Colorado

The CN think tank is back with college football predictions sure to land you in the poor house.

Husker Q&A: John Reece - DB - 1989-1993

Their fans were jerks throwing rocks, oranges and snowballs. They poured beer over our heaters, so we couldn’t use them.

A Non-Rival Get Together: THE CORN NATION Q&A With Colorado

Nope, nothing to see here, this game never means anything to either side, nope nope. But Jack Barsch of the Ralphie Report agreed to answer a few of our questions anyway.

Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: Colorado

The Sea of Red is going to invade Boulder and the Huskers will walk away with a win

Five Reasons Nebraska Will Lose: Colorado

The Buffaloes will trample the Cornhuskers at Folsom Field