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2013 NFL Draft Profile: Daimion Stafford (S)

When Daimion Stafford arrived on the scene at Nebraska many wondered if he was destined to follow in the footsteps of fellow junior college transfer Lavonte David. These questions will help evaluate whether or not Stafford will see the NFL success that David has with the Buccaneers .

Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

What are this player’s strengths? In what ways does this player excel?

Daimion Stafford is a hard hitter. He plays big and when in the right position, can deliver the type of hits that make offensive players want to avoid his side of the field. Stafford also proved to be a tackle machine his senior year totaling 96 including 51 solo tackles.

Stafford excelled at helping out over the top and delivering big hits to jar the ball loose. Whenever Stafford had a clean line to the ball carrier, Husker fans would inhale ready to let out a collective BOOM.

What are his weaknesses? In what ways is he prone to struggle?

Most of Stafford's strengths started with, "When in the right position". He would constantly find himself with a poor angle to the ball carrier. This was especially noticeable in run support. Opposing rushers could get to the outside edge and have a better angle far too often.

Stafford, undisciplined in his approach, would often bite on play fakes or misdirection leaving him out of position. This culminated with Wisconsin scoring 70 and rushing for 539 yards in the Big Ten Title game. In order to make the next step in the NFL he will need to learn to consistently take better angles.

What's the most memorable moment from his time at your school? What is the player known for?

His most memorable moment was probably his introduction to Husker fans. He delivered this jarring hit on Tennessee Chattanooga's Chris Awuah in the 2011 season opener.

Below are some highlights from Stafford's career.