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2013 NFL Draft Profile: Eric Martin (DE)

Eric Martin spent his first two years at linebacker before moving to defensive end. After the move, Martin was able to develop into a strong pass rushing threat for a defensive line that struggled throughout the season.

Eric Francis

What are this player’s strengths? In what ways does this player excel?

Martin is a physical beast. He introduced himself to Husker nation by delivering monster hits on special teams. After moving from LB to DE he proved to be a strong outside pass rusher showing surprising strength and quickness.

His passion and physicality are without question his biggest strengths. Martin never takes a play off and plays with an "angry style" making him a fan favorite.

What are his weaknesses? In what ways is he prone to struggle?

Throughout Martin's career he was a physical specimen that coaches had a hard time finding a place for. He was always the best special teams player on the field but struggled to fit in at linebacker where he appeared to have a hard time fully grasping the defensive concepts.

The move to defensive end allowed him to focus purely on getting after the quarterback. There was a long adjustment period but Martin began to see the field on a consistant basis during his senior year. For the most part, Martin was only effective in passing situations and has work to do against the run.

What's the most memorable moment from his time at your school? What is the player known for?

Most Husker fans will remember Eric Martin as someone always chomping at the bit to deliver big hits. This nasty special teams hit managed to get him suspended for the following game.

Are there any funny anecdotes about the player? Personality quirks that may be endearing? Or alarming?

    He has been known to mix it up via twitter. After a rant in which each tweet ended with WE NEED OUR CHECKs, the coaching staff had to ban players from using twitter. Martin was referring to checks from the NCAA or the University of Nebraska. He argued that players needed more money because many of them had family to support and couldn't work summer jobs.

Here are some more highlights of Martin.