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Husker CornCast

The Corn Nation and Big Red Cobcast Free Sh*t Give Away!

We are giving away free stuff...

The Corn Nation and Big Red Cobcast’s “Cobtest”

On second thought, maybe we should have stuck with contest.

Big Red Cobcast: Brian Towlie Talks Crootin’

We have the one and only Brian Towle on to talk about NSD!

Big Red Cobcast: The Grant Wistrom Interview

Big Red Cobcast: Diaco, Recruiting and Tigers - Oh My!

Diaco is sexy. We all know that, but you know what’s sexier? Pat’s voice.

Big Red Cobcast: Hoss Reuter

Let’s talk scheme, guys.

Big Red Cobcast: Errbody Calm Down

I’m not gonna do what everybody thinks I’m gonna do and freak out.

Big Red Cobcast: Hoosier Daddy?

We talk Indiana and bye weeks.

Big Red Cobcast: Redemption!

Revenge is a dish best served cold. So we served Illinois up a cold plate of ass whoopin'

The Pelini Brothers and Bill C Walk into a bar

Tom Osborne ducks.

Big Red Cobcast: The Future Is Today

We look into the our crystal ball and tell you the future.. and also the past... actually we just talk about Husker football. Like men.

Big Red Cobcast: Who is Coach Riley?

We dug deep into the darkest part of the interwebs to find out all the dirty details of coach Riley so you wouldn't have to.

Eichorst has 99 problems but...

...Actually he just has one. Finding a new coach

Big Red Cobcast: Ameer AMIRITE?

Don't read this summary, just think about Ameer Abdullah for a minute.

The Big Red Cobcast Ep. 15

We are joined by Husker legend Mike Canale (Disclaimer: Mike is not a Husker legend.)

DtH: Episode 39

This week's podcast tries to get Greg a new job, as well as talk about best and worse case scenario's for the Husker FB team this year.

De Tasseling the Huskers: Episode 38

Greg and Brian get asked on the love for Devin Gardner, as well as defensive depth and the new targeting rule to take effect.

DtH: Episode 37

Greg and Brian talk about pizza. And Harrison Phillips. And singing.

De tasseling the Huskers: Episode 36

Your audio essay from Greg and Brian talk about Trevor Roach and the LB core, plus thoughts on the TV Williams decision.

De tasseling The Huskers: Episode 35

Greg and Brian talk ethics (first time for everything), the fight news from Nebraska this past week, and Jay Foreman's blog.

Corn Nation Conversation: Paul Favela

The Husker Hombre talks to Greg about how life has been since he was featured before on CN.

De-Tasseling the Huskers: Episode 34

Greg and Brian get on the alternate uniforms, and pork. Poor Salt.

Corn Nation Conversation: Derek Hernandez

Brian sat down with NoCoastBias HMIC Derek Hernandez, a Husker alum, to talk about a lot of things Nebraska.

Corn Nation Conversation: Episode 2

Greg does his first CN Conversation with the man who helped him become the rabid Husker fan he became.

De-tasseling The Huskers, Episode 32

Greg and Brian talk about the perception between football and basketball programs at Nebraska right now. Also, the iOS update that's coming. And food of course.

De-tasseling the Huskers: Episode 30

Like baseball? Softball? A whole lot of food talk? You are in for a treat today!

De-tasseling the Huskers: Episode 29

Greg and Brian talk about the Seven Nation Army and other things that came up before the Nebraska/Michigan game in Minneapolis

De-Tasseling The Huskers, Episode 28

Greg and Brian fire off on the show 24, the 2 gap system on Defense, and B1G bowl disappointments.

De-Tasseling The Huskers, Episode 27

This week's topics include yardwork, Tim Beck's eventual replacement, recruiting numbers, and the Indiana series.

De-Tasseling The Huskers Episode 26

Greg and Brian use their time in the studio to talk Huskers in the NFL Draft, Jack visiting the White House, and post TD Ameritrade Husker Baseball.

De-Tasseling The Huskers: Episode 25

Greg and Brian talk Brion Carnes splitting Lincoln, giving a raise to Terry Joseph, and the depth at Running Back. Plus, Baseball's sweep of Purdue changes the light on their season.

De-Tasseling the Huskers: Episode 24

Greg and Brian go out on a lot of stuff today. Plus, Greg's outtakes make you giggle.


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