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Husker vs Ohio State 2020 Game Center

All the news about the 2020 Nebraska vs Ohio State football game.

Report Card: Ohio State Buckeyes 52, Huskers 17

It looked fun for a while... then reality set in.

Nebraska Football: What Did You Expect? and the Morning After

Postgame Reaction Podcast: Nebraska vs Ohio State

Jon and Greg provide a "first thoughts" on Nebraska’s first game of the 2020 football season.

Nebraska 17 Ohio State 52: Recap and Postgame Thread

You get a targeting call! You get a targeting call! And you get a targeting call! Everyone gets a targeting call!

Ohio State Leads Nebraska 24-14 At Half

Not bad, but not great either.

Nebraska vs Ohio State: THE GAME THREAD!

It’s time to find out if we can play with the best.

College Football Predictions: Huskers vs. An Ohio State Football Team

Welcome back football!

Nebraska vs Ohio State, How to Watch: Game Time, TV, Streaming, Odds, and More

Everything you need to know to watch Saturday’s football game between the Huskers and the Buckeyes.

Our New Buckeye Buddies!: The CORN NATION Q&A With Ohio State

Ready to contend or still in rebuild mode? Land-Grant Holy Land gives us their opinion.

SB Nation Reacts: What’s A Chanticleer, B1G Back, Where’s Confidence?

No surprise, SB Nation voters had the wrong opinion on ranking Big Ten teams heading into the weekend.

Husker Football Monday Press Conference: Adrian Martinez Is the Starting QB vs Ohio State

I also explain why I think Nebraska’s apparent rebellion this offseason may actually bring us closer into the fold of the Big Ten Conference.

Jon’s Postlife Crisis: Ramzy Nasrallah of 11 Warriors - Does Ohio State Have Any Weakness?

It doesn’t look good unless you realize it might set us up for a pretty decent year.

Ohio State Buckeyes 2020 Football Preview

Was COVID-19 the only thing that could possibly stop Ohio State from making a march towards the College Football Playoffs in 2020?