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Husker Football 2023

College Football Schedule for 9/22/23 - 9/23/23

The Ivy Is Here!

After Rash of Injuries at RB, Who’s Left for Husker Football?

With season-ending injuries to both Gabe Ervin and Rahmir Johnson, Anthony Grant will again be Nebraska’s starting running back...but who else may be thrust into a bigger role?

Nebraska Football: Haarberg should start the Louisiana Tech Game

ESPECIALLY if Sims is not 100%. Let Heinrich gain valuable experience.

Big Ten Conference Football Rankings - Week 3

No movement at the top but there was some shuffling at the bottom

Michigan at Nebraska Football Gets Mid-Afternoon Kickoff Time

No Gus Johnson trying to create even more ways to mispronounce Boerkircher this week.

Did Husker Football Just Figure Out Blueprint For More Wins?

Please don’t squander this defense by getting too tricky on offense, just keep running the ball and chewing up clock

Instant Reaction: Nebraska Dominates Northern Illinois 35-11

Nebraska Football Recap: Huskers 35 Northern Illinois 11

Matt Rhule gets his first win as a Husker head coach and Heinrich Haarberg handles business in his first start

Nebraska Football is playing the Sims

When healthy...

NEBRASKA vs Northern Illinois How To Watch Huskers Football, Spreads, Odds, Game Time, TV/Streaming/Radio

With many things on this team actually trending well or at least improving - but crippling issues in one other crucial area - these two weeks are suddenly critical for a Huskers squad which has Michigan looming on the other side.

Five Steps to Salvage Nebraska’s Football Season

After a disastrous first two games, what can Nebraska do to turn things around?

THE 24 HOUR RULE: Newsflash - The Huskers Have a Quarterback Problem

Big Ten Conference Football Rankings - Week 2

Hey, there was finally some substantial movement this week!

Huskers Get Afternoon Kickoff Time for Louisiana Tech Game

Huskers get the prime timeslot on September 23.

Instant Postgame Reaction to Nebraska’s Horrifying 36-14 Loss To Colorado

Colorado 136 Nebraska 0 Recap

The real score was 36-14. I’m so mad that 1) we lost to the Buffy’s and 2) Urban almost nailed it that I’m not actually forming words anymore, but being told to watch my language.

College Football Schedule for 9/8/23 - 9/9/23

A full slate of college football awaits...

NEBRASKA vs Colorado: How To Watch, Spreads, Odds, Game Time, TV/Streaming/Radio AND MORE ODDS & SPREADS

Everything you need to watch, listen and cheer for the Huskers against the Buffys. And bet! Because for gawd’s sake, because it just doubles the insanity.

Huskers Have Huge Opportunity Against the Surging Buffs

Colorado has an enormous amount of momentum going, could the Huskers capitalize on that and steal it away?

Big Ten Rankings - Week 1

Some if it was fun. Some of it was meh. All in all, it was college football

Matt Rhule Impressed with Jeff Sims Despite Loss to Minnesota

Nebraska vs Colorado: Response to Comments And Quick Preview

It’s going to be one helluva week!

Nebraska’s Loss To Minnesota - Should Husker Fans Panic or Pump the Brakes?

Nebraska’s Matt Rhule era didn’t start like we all would have wanted, but maybe let’s pump the brakes a little on the doom and gloom

Transfer TE Arik Gilbert, arrested for Burglary overnight in Lancaster County

The two-time transfer was awaiting word from the NCAA on immediate eligibility for the upcoming season.

Preseason Big Ten Rankings - Week of 8/28/23

Outside of the top three, it’s a crapshoot

2023 Nebraska Football Position Preview: Linebackers

The Heart and Soul of the Defense

Why Minnesota is Nebraska’s Most Important Game And How The Huskers Will Win

We need to beat them dadgummed Gophers.

Nebraska Football 2023 Position Preview: Defensive Line

The biggest (and first) line of defense

2023 Nebraska Football Position Preview: Offensive Line

The Pipeline looks to build new lines this season.

What Is The Future Of College Football? - (With Factors for Cause And Effect)

AI will be a factor, as will the state of colleges as we move onward.

2023 Nebraska Football Position Preview: The Wide Receivers

They’re open! Throw it to them!

2023 Nebraska Football Position Battle: Running Backs

Who will carry the load?


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