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Hearts And Brains

About Health Issues in dealing with sports or life in general.

Media Sensationalism Driving Anxiety, Web Hits With Regards To CTE, Brain Studies And Football

A new brain study was released this week that showed football players who started before age 12 had increased chances of cognitive issues. Does the media report on this fairly? Or is it sensationalized to drive web hits?

Neuroplasticity And The Brain: Putting My Memories Back Together

Update on my brain injury and what I’ve gone through. Because you might need to understand if it happens to someone you love.

University of Nebraska Develops “Equation” To Assist In Concussion Determination

Did you know there isn’t a surefire physical test to determine whether or not you have a concussion?

Book Review: Ben Utecht - Counting The Days While My Mind Slips Away: A Love Letter To My Family

A look at Ben Utecht’s book about dealing with his brain injury after playing in college at Minnesota and in the NFL.

One Year After My Death, The Show Goes On

It’s been one year ago today that I died of a massive heart attack. I’m now progressing through the brain injury segment of recovery, but thankfully life goes on.

Adding “Brain Injury” To The Profile

I get to learn about brains now. Unfortunately, I have to start with my own.

Nebraska Football 2015: A Season Of Blur