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Husker Fans Guide to the Big Ten

Big Ten Countdown: 14 - Herbie, Lil' Red and the Spirit Squad

Who are the Nebraska mascots? Do you remember any of the old mascots like corncob?

Big Ten Countdown: 16 - Nebraska Baseball

The B1G is perceived to be soft in baseball. Can Darin Erstad turn things around in Lincoln?

Big Ten Countdown: 17 - Pound the Rock, Lucky Horseshoe, and the Tunnel Walk

Pound them into submission, with a little bit of luck. That's the Husker way.

Big Ten Countdown: 18 - The Legend of Brook Berringer.

See kids, this is why it's important that you take your backup role seriously. Sometimes, a national championship team needs you to step in and take care of business when your superstar goes down.

Big Ten Countdown: 19 - Nebraska Men's Basketball

Did you know that Nebraska is 0-6 at the NCAA tournament? How soon will the Huskers be able to lose that goose egg?

Big Ten Countdown: 20 - Johnny the Jet

Flyin' High. Do you know which two Nebraskans finished in the top 3 for the Heisman voting in 1972?

Big Ten Countdown: 21 - Nebraska Wrestling

What sport will the Hawkeye's expect to beat us in every year?

Big 10 Countdown #22 - John Cappelletti

Big 10 Countdown #22 - John Cappelletti. Something For Joey irritated my eyes.

Big Ten Countdown 23: Memorial Stadiums - Nebraska, Indiana, Illinois

Nebraska's Memorial Stadium was built in 1923. It is one of 15 FBS Memorial Stadiums, dedicated to those who died fighting for their country.

Big Ten Countdown 24 - Red Grange Becomes A Legend, Iowa's #24 Nile Kinnick

The number 24 is well represented by two of the most heralded figures in Big Ten history. In 1924, Red Grange became legend, playing one of the greatest games in history against Michigan. #24 Nile Kinnick remains one of Iowa's greatest heroes.

Big Ten Countdown: 25 - The Old Oaken Bucket

What would you put in an Old Oaken Bucket?

Big Ten Countdown: 26 - Iowa and Nebraska used to play for laurels.

Did Iowa and Nebraska use to play for a trophy? Can you guess what it was?

Big Ten Countdown: 27 - The Death of Illibuck

What's the average life expectancy of a turtle? Would you guess 2 years?

Big Ten Countdown: 28 - What if Tom Osborne is elected Governor of Nebraska?

If Tom Osborne is elected governor in 2006, would Nebraska still be headed towards the Big Ten?

Big Ten Countdown 29: Mike Rozier's Potential Rushing Record And the 2011 NFL Draft

Nebraska's Mike Rozier had 29 rushing touchdowns in 1983. That's better than anyone in the Big Ten has done in a single season. And the Big Ten had 29 players in the NFL draft, including six first-round picks on the defensive line.

Big Ten Countdown: 29 - Mike Rozier. Nebraska's Second Heisman Winner

Do you suppose Rex Burkhead could score 30 TD's this year?

Big Ten Countdown: 30 - The King of the Mountain

Back when I was a kid, we played "King of the Mountain". Now, someone would probably get sued for playing it.

Big Ten Countdown: 31 NU vs. NU

What's in a name. Should Nebraska now be called UN-L?

Big Ten Countdown: 32 - Nebraska Legends

Legendary tales of a state called Nebraska.

Big Ten Countdown 33: Ron Dayne

Ron Dayne was an amazing running back for the Wisconsin Badgers. He still holds the NCAA record for career rushing yardage. We salute you, Dayne!

Big Ten Countdown: 35 - A Pig Trophy You Can't Eat And Other Amazing Facts

Floyd of Rosedale was born (sorta) in 1935, and whole bunch of other facts about the number 35 in the Big Ten. You need to read this. It's important.

Big Ten Countdown: 36 - The AP Poll Begins And Basketball Can Be Ugly

In 1936, the Associated Press College Football Poll was born. It brought college football together in a way that no one had before. Decades later, everyone hates the polls. That's too bad.

Big Ten Countdown: 37 - Tom Osborne And Nebraska Football Pulls A Huge Upset Over Minnesota

1937 - Tom Osborne arrives on earth, and Nebraska football wins another Big Six title. Along the way, the Cornhuskers pulled a huge upset win over Minnesota.

Big Ten Countdown: 38 - Nebraska Leaders Of A Different Kind

Is Nebraska made of legends or leaders? Can't they be both?

Big Ten Countdown: 39 - Nebraska Cross Country

Nebraska's Cross Country team hasn't faired as well as many of the other Husker team sports, but maybe that'll change as we move to the Big Ten.

Big Ten Countdown 41 - Nebraska's First Bowl Game Then 20 Years Of Losing

Nebraska's 1940 season lead to their first-ever bowl game against the Stanford Indians in the 1941 Rose Bowl. The next 20 years would not be so kind to Husker football.

Big Ten Countdown: 42 - Ohio State's first National Title and Bacon

To bring home the bacon, Nebraska is gonna have to be able to beat Ohio State.

Big Ten Countdown: 43 - The Purdue Cannon/Drum

Why is Purdue Iowa's most-hated rival? It's probably because of the drum.

Big Ten Countdown: 44 - Nebraska Golf

Did you know? It's the one sport you can major in at some colleges.

Big Ten Countdown: 46 - Outland U

Who will be Number 10?

Big Ten Countdown: 47 - Nebraska's Bowl Appearances

Nebraska has been to more bowl games than any team in the Big Ten. Can you name the Big Ten school with the 2nd most bowl game appearances?

Big Ten Countdown: 48 - The Origin Of Paul Bunyan's Axe And Nebraska's Rushing Touchdowns Would Set A Record

Corn Nation continues its countdown to the Big Ten. The number 48 - Paul Bunyan's Axe and a single season worth of rushing touchdowns. Would Nebraska break that record?