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Husker Fans Guide to the Big Ten

FIVE YEARS IN THE B1G - The Roundtable

Five years ago today Nebraska became a member of the Big Ten Conference. CN put together a roundtable about where we were, where we are, and where we might hope to be.

B1G Guarantees Scholarships for all SA's

If you are a scholarship athlete in any sport in the Big Ten, you'll be able to get your degree.

B1G Media Days Questions

The CN staff asks the tough questions that wont be asked in Chicago! (Probably a good thing there...)

Big 10 Media Days questions that should be asked

The CN staff cracking down on these Media Days, asking the true questions that people wanna hear answers to!!

What Huskers Made PreSeason All Big Ten?

Phil Steele has released his 2013 All-Big Ten Teams for you to chew on.

The Cotton should go B1G

The Big 12 may dump the Cotton Bowl as their premier non-BCS bowl destination. If that happens, the Big 10 is ideal to make that jump.

What Will Parity Scheduling Look Like?

What exactly does parity scheduling look like and how the heck is the Big Ten going to make their football schedules with 14 schools and a protected cross-over game?

Call Me Maybe Friday: Herbie Husker & the B1G Mascots vs. Cookie Monster

The Big Ten Mascots and Sesame Street released parodies of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" video. Which one do you prefer.

My thoughts on the Nebraska-Iowa Heroes Trophy.

Heroes Trophy. Your first Impressions?

Who's NU in the B1G?

If the Big Ten can deal with Minnesota/Michigan and Illinois/Indiana/Iowa, Nebraska/Northwestern shouldn't be a big deal.

Madison: Nebraska Fans’ New Boulder

Nebraska fans traveling to Madison might find that the environment closely resembles another place they're already familiar with - Boulder, Colorado. Native Nebraskans living in Wisconsin tell you why.

A View Of The Big Ten From That End of The Stick You Don't Want

I am a rare combination - a Nebraska fan who's also a Minnesota Gophers football fan. It's given me a unique perspective on Big Ten fandom.

BTN Online Streaming Options: Nebraska Football Availability Outside the U.S.

Husker fans overseas have some options for seeing their favorite football team (and other Nebraska sports). BTN2GO offers access like there never was before.

Nebraska - Iowa Rivalry Trophy To Be Announced Friday

Nebraska and Iowa Athletic Directors will announce the name of their new rivalry trophy, which may contain a reference to a "Hero".

Nine game B1G conference schedule update.

B1G 9 game schedule. When will it happen?

Time Warner Moves BTN to Basic Cable in Nebraska

Big Ten Countdown: 00 - Welcome to the Big Ten Nebraska, Open Thread

If your fiance' walked down the isle covered in nuclear fallout, would you still say "I do"?

Big Ten Countdown: 1 - Nebraska's Last Day in The Big 12 And We All Talk About It Just Like On "The View"

Nebraska's last day in the Big 12 and all we can do is talk about it. It's like "The View" except we're not women, but we're still kind of crabby, expectant, and full of dreams that may never be attained.

Big Ten Countdown: 02 - The Rose Bowl

There are no more oranges to throw, just roses to bite.

Big Ten Countdown: 03 - The Little Brown Jug

Think bad water can show up at a football game? It can.

BTN Welcomes Nebraska - Three Days Of A Winning TV Schedule

Nebraska is only days away from officially joining the Big Ten. The BTN is planning on three days of solid Nebraska coverage to mark the new relationship. You've got your BTN, right?

Big Ten Countdown: 04 - The Heartland Trophy

Will Big Ten Rivalry trophies be up for grabs if the two teams meet at the championship game?

Big Ten Countdown: 05 - The National Titles of the Big Ten

How many National Titles has the Big Ten won?

Big Ten Countdown: 06 - Nebraska Volleyball

Penn State-Nebraska takes on a new level. Yet another reason they may end up our top rival.

Big 10 Countdown #7: Eric Crouch & The Husker Heisman Trifecta

Big 10 Countdown #7: Eric Crouch & the Husker Heisman Trifecta. Let's show our last Heisman winner some love.

Big Ten Countdown: 8 - Nebraska's George Flippin And A History of Black Football Players in the Big Ten

There were many black football players in the early days of college football, particularly in the Big Ten. Their history was marked by abuse and incidents of racism. Can you imagine such things happening today?

Big Ten Countdown: 09 - The Land of Lincoln Trophy/Sweet Sioux Tomahawk

Should Illinois and Northwestern use a tomahawk to chop up a LoL trophy? What is an Illini anyway?

Big Ten Countdown: 10 - When 12 = 10

It's the first day of summer! When does 10 = 12?

Big 10 Countdown #11 - Can the Huskers Come Out and Play?

Big 10 Countdown #11 - Can the Huskers Come Out and Play?

Big Ten Countdown: 12 - Nebraska Rejected the First Time(s) Around

Nebraska attempted to join the Big Ten conference many years ago, but was denied on several occasions.

Big Ten Countdown - 13: Triskaidekaphobia

Ultimately the number 12 may mean more than the number 12 to the Big Ten Conference. The new Big Ten Championship game may lead to the ruination of many a team, yet does everyone want it?