Women's Basketball smokes UNK.


97-55. The season begins next Saturday November 13th against Vermont. Check em out before the football team hosts Kansas that night.

Huskers Move Up 1 Spot; #9 in AP Poll, #8 in Coaches Poll


Oklahoma State jumps to #11/12 (AP/Coaches), Oklahoma falls to #19/16 (AP/Coaches), Missouri falls to #20, and Texas A&M enters the polls at #23/25 (AP/Coaches). BCS Evolution projects the Huskers will be #6 in the BCS when it's announced tonight.

Nebraska vs Kansas set for 6 pm kickoff on Pay-per-View


Grab your long underwear... It's a night game in November...and the last PPV game at Memorial Stadium.

Colorado Using Groupon to Sell Tickets to CU/ISU Game


Colorado Is using the Internet discount site to find people willing to pay $15 to watch the Buffies play Iowa State.

College Football BlogPoll Rankings, Week 10: It Starts Making Sense -


This week's Blogpoll is out - with Nebraska ranked #8, and CN taking the "Straight Bangin' Award (again?)

Big 12 Power Rankings - Clone Chronicles


I ranked Nebraska #1 this week after your impressive win over Mizzou, can't wait for Saturday!

Huskers ranked 7th in the BCS


The Huskers are 7th best in college football, according to the BCS. I think it's safe to say that most expected the Huskers to be in the top 10, however, I don't think anyone expected us to be ranked 7th! As it stands, if Nebraska wins out- they'll be ranked at least 5th in the BCS [knock on wood]. Utah/TCU & Auburn/Alabama have games against each other.

Ndamukong Suh scores again on a 17 yard fumble return


Ndamukong Suh had two sacks, and scored on a 17 yard touchdown return in Detroit's victory over Washington this afternoon.

Polls are out: Huskers 9th in AP, 10th on Coaches Poll


Nebraska's back in the top ten in both polls, as everyone seemingly was impressed with Nebraska's 31-17 victory over Mizzou. Even Mike DeArmond of the Kansas City Star, who ranked the Big Red sixth this morning.