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Get To Know the CN Community: Jon & Kathy Pounds

We have had some great stories on GTKtCNC and this one is no exception. HOW MANY consecutive games have these two attended??? Wow!

Get To Know the CN Community: CoastGuardHusker

GTKtCNC goes airborne this week as we talk to someone who spends a lot of time in a helicopter. He also knows how to decorate a carport the right way on game day

Get To Know CN: RevengeOfTheBlackshirts

GTKtCNC introduces a Husker native uprooted to the east coast. A fan who was so eager to watch the Huskers, he sent his mother into labor during a game.

Get To Know the Corn Nation Community: ~Only Jade~

Meet the woman who infiltrated the Corn Nation boys' club and keeps an eye on the eastern edge of the West division. Also, guess what she wore for a meeting with the University of Illinois chancellor?

Get To Know the CN Community: Todd Wolverton

An Iowa native saw the light and made it to the promised land. Now he has returned to enemy territory to try and win over the hearts and minds of the misguided souls to the east.

Get To Know the CN Community: Hong Kong Husker

Today's GTKtCNC travels to a place where East meets West. No, we are not at Big Ten headquarters, but visiting a Husker fan halfway across the world who sometimes has to stay up all night to cheer for his team.

Get to Know Corn Nation - TheChuckwagonisrolling

This episode of GTKtCNC features a renegade Aggie who had some really awesome luck when out on a walk one night.

Chicago Sun-Times Falls For CN April Fools Gag

In a story about Doug McDermott, the Chicago Sun-Times resurrected an old CornNation April Fools Day gag by reporting that Creighton was starting a football program this fall.

Get To Know the Corn Nation Community: Fischsticks

Our first CN community member profile highlights a former marching band member and legacy Husker fan. Has anyone in the CN community been to more opponent stadiums than Fisch?

Get To Know the CornNation Staff: Jon Johnston

The GTKtCNS finale focuses on Mr. CN himself. Jon is why you are here. Reading this article. On this website. Seriously, this place would not exist without him.

Get To Know the Corn Nation Staff: Ranchbabe

Jill talks about her move into Husker nation and reminisces about Roy Helu galloping all over the Missouri Tigers. Good times.

Get To Know the Corn Nation Staff - Husker Mike

Guess who was there to see the flea-kicker in person? Except, he could not see it. How long was it before Husker Mike knew who made that all-important catch for the 97 Huskers?

Get To Know the CN Staff - Salt Creek & Stadium

Our favorite road sign turned scientist guides us through a multi-state Husker adventure. Shhhh, that is NOT Lil Red following him from state to state. Nope.

Your New Nebraska PA Announcer: Pat Janssen!

We'd like your support in helping Pat Janssen live his dream of becoming Nebraska's next PA announcer for Husker football.

Get To Know the CornNation Staff: Andy Ketterson

GTKtCNS finds out how Andy overcame his SEC heritage and seeing the worst in Husker fans and learned to love the Big Red anyway. Oh, and if your pre-game ritual is the same as Andy's, I do not want to hear about it. Really.

Get To Know the CornNation Staff: Ty Peteranetz

GTKtCNS profiles our resident volleyball and beer expert. Find out how a Rocky Mountain native was swayed away from the dark side and assimilated into Husker Nation. Also, which CN staff member has the most shoes? (Hint: Not ranchbabe!)

Get To Know the CornNation Staff: Cobcast Ryan

The ringleader of the Big Red Cobcast is on the hot seat. He definitely has the most awesome bit of Husker memorabilia shared to this point by the CN staff.

Get To Know the CornNation Staff: Joe Canale

GTKtCNS checks in the with second of our Cobcast trio. Joe is a man of many talents, except perhaps, hair dresser. Read on to see why he is most likely CN staffer to exclaim "Say yer prayers, you long-eared varmint!"

Get to Know the CornNation Staff: Brian Towle

GTKtCNS reaches out to our Texas spy....I mean....recruiting guru. Find out why Brian might be the most superstitious person on the CN staff. Bonus points to anyone that puts the correct pronunciation of his last name in the comments.

Get to Know the CornNation Staff: Pat Janssen

The CornNation staff is baring their souls for this in-depth, hard-hitting series....or they just answer some silly questions and take bets on how many swear words will be in Jon's article. You decide.

Get to Know the CornNation Staff: Greg Mehochko

The next CN writer to be featured in GTKtCNS has a bit of a Superman complex. I am not saying Greg is Superman. I just have never seen Greg and Superman in the same place at the same time. Also, guess who he thinks will win the Heisman in 25 years...

Get to Know the CornNation Staff: Keith Yaple

The first in our series profiling the CornNation writing staff. Up first is one of our baseball gurus - Keith Yaple.

Happy Independence Day

The staff at CN hopes you have a happy, stress less holiday today.

CN's Husker Mike Talks to The Bottom Line

Mike'l Severe invited Mike to talk blogging, Husker coaching changes and UNO hockey to close out Monday's show.

The CN Food Bracket Selection Thread

We asked you the readers for your suggestions, and we now have the 64 eateries that will vie for the Championship.

Who Would You Put In The CN Food Bracket?

This summer, we're going to find out where Nebraska loves to eat.

Join the Whoop For Chaos Bracket Challenge!

Join our basketball bracket contest! Have fun! Win a prize!

Photoshop? If so, Corn Nation wants you!

CN is looking for someone with a slightly warped mind.

A Student's Story: A Different Kind Of Recruiting

This is the story of how one young woman chose her college.

Boys' Club Infiltrated

Ranchbabe joins the CornNation team.

Happy Independence Day!!!!!

Corn Nation wishes you a wonderful today - a celebration of American Freedom!

Introducing the New Corn Nation Store!

And this is how it starts.... you take the shoes off in the back of my van.