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A charming tale of a sweet lug who was very talented at beating the crap out people on ice.


The story of a blithering idiot from Louisiana saving a football team and how the need for Brent Musburger to shut up can never be overemphasized.

Column: Nebraska Penny-Pinching Forces Matt Rhule to Sue Carolina Panthers

Husker AD Trev Alberts’s efforts to lowball the front end of Rhule’s contract has predictably litigious results

“There’s No Hope. F*** Everything. Go Big Red.” - CornNation’s Jon Johnston Goes Viral

"That guy" who made the rounds on the internet for his comments following the Huskers loss to Minnesota is none other than CornNation’s own Jon Johnston.

Reports: Softball Coach Rhonda Revelle Under Review

Local reports indicate the veteran coach is on administrative leave pending an internal review.

Nebraska Football: Former UCF safety Tre Neal Joins as Grad Transfer

Adding depth and experience to a thin roster

Nutritionist Dave Ellis returns to run Nebraska’s Performance Nutrition Department

Considered one of the best in the business.

The Roller Coaster That Was 2017

I have a hard time looking back and defining this year.

UCF Head Coach Scott Frost Named FWAA Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year

A well-deserved honor for an incredible job at UCF.

Nebraska Football: 6 Non-Conference Games Announced

FCS programs South Dakota State, North Dakota, and Georgia Southern are all coming to town.

It’s Official: Scott Frost, Head Coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers

A new contractor for the House that Bob Built

Get Out To Blue Blood Brewing And See The Broken Chair Trophy!

It’s your chance to see the Rivalry Trophy between Nebraska and Minnesota!

Bill Moos Named New Nebraska Athletic Director

Huskers Hire Sitting Power 5 Athletic Director

Rest in Peace Brian Towle, We’ll Miss You

We are sad to announce the passing of one of our own.

Big Red Cobcast: Future Husker Legends

The season begins this Saturday. And the Big Red Cobcast guys can't wait to find out who will become the next legendary figures in Husker lore.

The Annual “State of the CornNation Union” Address

The Hooch & His Favorite LIVE Sporting Events

I told Jon I’d write something. He said “Write about your favorite sporting events you’ve seen in person.”

A Nebraska Football Fan’s Plan For Cord Cutting

You want to cut the cord and save some money? Good luck with that....

We Want You To Come Write For Us At Corn Nation!

Want to join the best damn totally free Huskers site on the internet?

Sign Up For The Corn Nation NCAA Bracket Pool Today!

Lot of players already, but you still have time to get in!

Report: Nebraska is Not Leaving the Big Ten For the Texas Wet Dream Fiefdom

Or whatever the heck that one Twitter guy was talking about.

One Year After My Death, The Show Goes On

It’s been one year ago today that I died of a massive heart attack. I’m now progressing through the brain injury segment of recovery, but thankfully life goes on.

Corn Nation Turns 10! - Happy Birthday To Us!

CN turns 10 years old today. Happy Birthday to us!!!!!

Corn Nation Turns 10! - Cobby And The Evolution of Logos

We’ve have a number of logos and a number of characters at CN. Here’s a little history.

CornNation Turns 10! - Profanity, Game Threads and The CN Community

I’ve heard a lot of comments about why we allow profanity on CN over the years. This is a response to them.

Corn Nation Turns 10 - The Most Popular Article Ever

The most popular article we’ve ever done (historically) is about the movie “We Are Marshall” and how closely it follows reality. We’ve done tons of other book reviews as well.

CornNation Turns 10 Years Old! - Where We Began

CN is turning 10 years old in 10 days. This is the story of how the site began.

CornNation’s Go Big Red Nebraska T-Shirt

You need a Go Big Red Nebraska t-shirt. This is the best one ever made.

Adding “Brain Injury” To The Profile

I get to learn about brains now. Unfortunately, I have to start with my own.

CN's Summer Smoking Series

We debut this summer's special series by doing what Dad would love to do today, going low and slow out in the backyard.

Get Yer Ugly CN Christmas Sweater

You Want One Of These Don't You?

Get To Know the Corn Nation Community: Shojon

GTKtCNC resumes this week and remembers one of the greatest (Nay, THE greatest) college football game ever.