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Conference Realignment

Maryland and Rutgers Join the Big Ten. Will there be any others?

One B1G Year Later

How do Husker fans feel about Nebraska's move from the Big XII to the Big Ten after one year?

Big XII Roars Back To Viability With SEC Bowl Agreement

Does this agreement signal where the college football playoff is heading?

Losing Your Rivalry? In A Year You Won't Care

Texas vs Texas A&M, Missouri vs Kansas - two of the biggest rivalries in college sports die this year. Fans fo those teams shouldn't despair too much. By next season, they'll have forgotten about all their old foes.

Big Ten and Pac 12 Collaborate - What Does It Mean For Nebraska?

The Big Ten and Pac 12 announced that they would be working together on scheduling each other in the non-conference part of the college football season. What does this mean for Nebraska?

Has OU and the rest of the Big XII lost all it's leverage against Texas? They still have one more missile they can fire.

If you want to survive cancer, you first have to control it and then remove it. If the Big XII wants to survive, it must act the same way.

Pac-12 To Stay, Missouri To SEC, Iowa State To MWC - Or Not - What's It All Mean?

The Pac 12 has voted to remain at 12 members, Missouri might join the SEC, and even Iowa State is talking to the Mountain West. What's it all mean?

Some signs point to yes for Notre Dame and Texas to the Big Ten. Some also point to no.

It's not possible that Notre Dame and Texas are in talks with the Big Ten. Is it?

Mudslinging in the Big XII hit a new high yesterday. Notre Dame and Texas to the Big Ten?

Everyone wants to sue everyone else in the Big 12, but the latest news is that Notre Dame and Texas may join the Big Ten.

BREAKING NEWS: A&M to the SEC within 50 years.

OMG OMG! A&M to the SEC!!

A&M to the SEC is becoming real. Direct from DeLoss Dodds.

And just like that, A&M to the SEC seems almost inevitable.

Is Texas A&M Ready To March to the SEC?

The after-effects of the decision by ESPN to move a game from ABC to the Longhorn Network are still lingering, as Texas A&M is reexamining their commitment to the Big XII. Is conference realignment about to re-emerge, this time with the SEC looking to expand?

"Longhorn Network" To Televise Two Texas Games, Not Just One

ESPN is subletting ABC's rights to a Texas conference game to the Longhorn Network, forcing fans of a Big XII football program to have to watch a LHN broadcast and probably subscribe to the new Texas network to see their own team play. Meanwhile, Nebraska fans shake their heads and say "We told you so."

Chip Brown: Expansion's Edward R. Murrow or Austin's Baghdad Bob?

Chip Brown has become either revered or reviled for his role in breaking the conference realignment story. Both positions have a basis in reality; it depends on what you want to focus on.

Big 10 Divisional Splits - How Is It Going To Work?

With Nebraska joining the Big 10, what will the divisional splits look like? Will the conference get split along east-west lines? Will Penn State move into a division with Nebraska? Will Minnesota get screwed once again?

Texas Saves the Big 12 - Good for Them

Texas saves the Big 12. Good for them! Everyone comes out ahead of where they started when this conference realignment fiasco began. That's a positive!

Nebraska To the Big 10: Pulling the Plug Ain't the Same As Killing

Nebraska did not kill the BIg 12. The Huskers merely pulled the plug on it. Somebody had to do it, right?

Nebraska Accepts An Invitation to Join The Big 10

Nebraska has officially accepted an invitation to join the Big 10 conference.

Does Nebraska Officially Join the Big 10 Today? - Open Thread

The University of Nebraska Regents Board will meet Friday at 1:00 pm central to officially discuss joining the Big 10 conference. Discuss!

The Death of the Big 12 & Big 10 Mayhem - Reactions Around The Country

Reactions from around the country about conference realignment. It's all nuts, that's what it is.

Colorado Joins the Pac 10 Before Nebraska Leaves - Does Colorado Get the Blame For Breaking Up the Big 12?

Colorado Officially Accepts a Pac-10 invitation, meaning they'll leave the Big 12 before Nebraska. But do they get the blame for breaking up the conference?

I'll Believe Nebraska Has Joined The Big 10 When I Hear It From Tom Osborne

Nebraska is on the verge of joining the Big 10. It's been reported, but it hasn't happened yet. Husker fans can be assure that Tom Osborne will let us know what's going on, sooner than you think.

Huskers Join the Big 10 As Soon As Friday

Reports of Nebraska's move to the Big Ten are becoming stronger and stronger, and it's becoming more of an issue of when than if. That when could be later this week.

Will Colorado Be the First Big 12 Team To Join the Pac 10?

Colorado may be poised to accept an invitation to the Pac 10 before Texas politics can determine that Baylor must be included in any conference expansion package.

If the Big 12 Were A Ship, Would She Be Titanic?

Bad analogies shouldn't be used to describe what's happening to the Big 12 conference, as it prepares for a break up.

Nebraska - The Case For Saving the Big 12

Should Nebraska make the decision to save the Big 12?

Colorado AD Expects The Pac-10 To Raid the Big XII

Is the Big XII about ready to implode, with teams being pulled away from the Big Ten and the Pac Ten?

Dan Beebe Can't Wait for April

Rather than try to sweet-talk Nebraska and Missouri into staying in the Big XII, commissioner Dan Beebe needs to roll up his sleeves and put together a new television deal that convinces conference members the value of staying put.

Big 12 Meets to Determine Fate - What's Going to Happen?

What's going to happen this week at the Big 12 Meetings? They'll be about affirming the fate of Dan Beebe as much as they will be about the conference.

Profiles of the Big Ten: Illinois Fighting Illini

Big Ten expansion: What Nebraskans should know about the Illinois Fighting Illini.

Profiles of the Big 10: Wisconsin

Were Nebraska to join the Big 10, what would Husker fans encounter in Wisconsin, the land of beer and cheese?

Profiles of the Big Ten: Penn State

If Nebraska joins the Big Ten, Penn State will become a natural rival, if only for the history of these two programs dating back to 1982 and two of the worst calls in college football history.

Profiles of the Big 10: Michigan State

An overview of the Michigan State Spartans for Nebraska football fans. What could Husker fans expect?