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Conference Realignment

Maryland and Rutgers Join the Big Ten. Will there be any others?

After Fox's $1.5 Billion, What's Next for the B1G?

Now that Fox has agreed to pay $1.5 billion over the next six years, does the Big Ten turn to CBS, ESPN, NBC or Turner? Does ESPN still have an open checkbook, and is conference realignment slowly heating up in the background?

Maryland Joins The Big Ten - Who Are These People?

The University of Maryland has joined the Big Ten! You know nothing about them, so CN brings you a question and answer session straight from them people!

Rutgers Joins The Big Ten - Who Are These People?

Rutgers University will join the Big Ten unless there's a last minute appeal or the East Coast gets attacked and eaten by Godzilla. Who are these people?

No Financial Windfall from B1G Move: Yet.

While Nebraska is doing better financially than they were in the Big XII, the other Big XII schools have since passed Nebraska in terms of league revenue. But that changes in 2017, when Nebraska becomes fully vested in BTN and a new TV deal begins.

Is ACC's "Grant of Rights" the End of Realignment?

Conventional wisdom says it would be...but conventional wisdom hasn't always applied to much of anything regarding conference realignment. In reality, conference realignment will be over when Jim Delany says it's over.

The B1G Splits East/West (& 9 Games in 2016)

Legends and Leaders is headed to extinction as the Big Ten goes geographic in splitting the conference.

Creighton Joins the Big East

Husker fans won't be able to try to brush off Creighton's success anymore by saying it was "only" the Missouri Valley. If Creighton wins in the Big East, Husker fans will have to acknowledge that accomplishment.

New Big Ten: Nebraska Has Always Been "West"

A new alignment could have Nebraska and Wisconsin together in the west division.

Big Ten Subsidizing Maryland But No One Else?

A Bigger B1G: Who and How Many More?

Let's assume that the Big Ten is looking to expand beyond 14. What's the target?

Do Husker Fans Regret the B1G Move?

David Ubben thinks Nebraska regrets moving to the Big Ten. I think he's dead wrong.

What's Driving Conference Realignment Now?

Television is still the driver, it appears. The Nebraska move was driven to bring the Husker brand into the Big Ten; Maryland and Rutgers were added to bring the Big Ten brand into new markets.

Will Georgia Tech Become the 15th B1G Team?

Georgia Tech seems poised to be the 15th B1G team. Who would be #16? North Carolina, Virginia, Boston College, UConn? Or how about Miami?

Why Stop at 14? BC, Virginia? No.Carolina or Duke?

Reports are that the Big Ten isn't done with realignment. Boston College and Virginia appear to be the leading candidates. But what about North Carolina and Duke?

Rutgers To Join The Big Ten

How is a Scarlet Knight Different Than A White Knight?

This stream has:

Maryland, Rutgers Set To Join Big Ten

The University of Maryland and Rutgers University Are Joining the Big Ten. Shock, dismay follow.


Maryland, Rutgers To The East, Illinois to the West

Big Ten, meet East Coast: Maryland is member #13

Maryland is about to join the Big Ten. What do the Terps bring to the table, financially and athletically? And what does this mean for the Big Ten? Is it a short-sighted or savvy move for the conference?

Are Maryland & Rutgers Going B1G?

Rutgers and Maryland are apparently getting close to an agreement to join the Big Ten.

ACC goes to 14 (16?); Pac-12 Adds Oklahoma, Okie State ... and Texas??? Will Notre Dame go B1G?

Conference realignment is about to go nuclear. The ACC seems poised to go to 16 teams with Syracuse, Pitt, and now UConn and Rutgers. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are headed west, and now it seems Texas Tech and Texas will join to create the Pac-16. The SEC needs to add teams as well. With the death of the Big East and Big XII, does this finally nudge Notre Dame into the Big Ten?

Big Eight Farewell: Iowa State

Iowa State doesn't have a long record of success in football, but there have been flashes in recent years for Cyclone fans.

Big Eight Farewell: Colorado

Colorado football was occasionally competitive during their time in the Big Eight and Big XII. But the "rivalry" with Nebraska was assuredly one-sided: Nebraska usually won, and only Colorado fans thought it was a rivalry.

Big 8 Farewell: Kansas State

The Nebraska/Kansas State "rivalry" was non-existent until Bill Snyder's "Miracle in Manhattan" resurrected the Wildcats football fortunes. Now, that series is over. We look back.

Big 8 Farewell: Kansas

One of the casualties of Nebraska's move to the Big Ten is the end of the Nebraska-Kansas series, which had gone on for a national record 105 straight seasons. The two programs seemed to be mirrors: one great in football, the other great in basketball.

Big 8 Farewell: Oklahoma State

Nebraska and Oklahoma State have a relative short, but memorable history as conference partners that comes to an end as Nebraska departs for the Big Ten.

Looking for A Happy GoodBye In Nebraska's Final Big 12 Season

Nebraska and Kansas State will meet for the 95th time Thursday night, the last as members of the same conference. While tradition dies, I'd just like to see one sign that shows we're all sad to see it end.

Nebraska Settles with the Big XII for $9.255 Million

Nebraska has settled for $9.255 million to exit the Big XII in the summer of 2011. This clears the way for Nebraska to move to a more stable conference, though at a cost in the short term.

A Complete Disaster If Nebraska Wins The Big 12?

What will be the long term affects on the Big 12 were Nebraska to win the 2010 conference championship? Would it be a complete disaster, or would Texas and Oklahoma be affected? What about the Big Ten?

New Big Ten Divisions: "The Game" Unchanged - My Greatest Fear Unrealized

The Big Ten Conference has announced new divisions and the 2011-2012 schedules. Despite a disruption of decades of tradition, Nebraska is not being blamed for the change. For that, Husker fans should be very happy.

Big Ten Divisions - Announcement, Rumor, Speculation - Open Thread

Big Ten Division alignments are set to be announced at 6:00 pm Wednesday evening on Big Ten Network.

Big Ten's Nine-Game Conference Schedule: Good News, Bad News

Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany knows what he wants. He wants a Big Ten Championship game in 2011 and a nine-game conference schedule in 2013. What will that do to the quality of college football?

How Will Husker Fans Get the Big Ten Network?

Husker fans might be interested in getting the Big Ten Network before Nebraska officially joins the Big Ten. Here's how they can get the network.