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College Football - National

The Problems With A 12 Team College Football Playoff

Well, we really have no idea what will go on yet, so let’s pick it apart.

Four star 2019 signee Darien Chase enters transfer portal

Huskers lose another wide receiver to the transfer portal

CornNation Loses Your Money: Conference Championship Edition

Someday soon, Nebraska football will play in December.

Bo Pelini Is Staying at Youngstown State For a Reason

And it’s not the reason that most Nebraska fans think it is.

Corn Nation Loses Your Money: Natty Light Edition

‘Bama-Clempson for the natty. Who’s our pick? And what’s your pick?

Your Eight Team Playoff Scenario Sucks - Let’s Go Back To the BCS


Frosted Flakes: Minnesota Super Bowl Fun - A Loppet, A Zip Line, And Wondering About Walleye

It’s a fun weekend in Minnesota, and there’s the Super Bowl too.

Legendary College Football Announcer Keith Jackson Passes Away

Keith Jackson who was THE VOICE of college football for many many years is gone.

The Way Too Early Top 25 Of Amazing Prognostication

This is the best Way Too Early Top 25 list yet - because it’s mine.

Despite All-SEC National Title Game - No Good Reason To Expand College Football Playoff

There are some really good reasons to leave the playoff system at four.

Championship Week Predictions

Nebraska remains under a Frost Warning, so stay inside and let’s predict today’s games!

College Football Championship Weekend Of Fun!

Believe it or not, there is some good football on this weekend.

Big Ten Football Weekend Preview - FEATURING THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR!

There is some excellent football still out there to be played... maybe just not by the teams you want it from.

Big Ten Football Weekend Preview!

Where’s the Big Ten stand in the College Football Playoff, and what games are going on this weekend?!

Big Ten Football Weekend Preview!

The mother of all Big Ten games is this weekend... and a couple real clunkers.


CornNation Weekly Predictions: Huskers vs. BYE

Our weekly predictions bit

Another Great Big Ten Football Weekend!

Here’s a preview for Big Ten football this weekend!

Cobs Of the Week: Nebraska, Washington State, Clempson (wooo), And Auburn

Huskers, Wazzu, Clempson, and Auburn get pantsed

College Football: Week 6 Cobs

Drunk Announcing, Gloomer Sooner, a Bronco Sister Gets Excited, and I still haven’t seen Hamilton

Cobs of The Week: Lee’s Points, Michigan’s AC Gate & Oklahoma State Laying An Egg

What sucked the most this weekend?

Week 3 Cobs: Tennessee’s Hail Mary Defense, A Terrible Late Hit, A Bad Decision

A Hail Mary, gravitating towards mediocrity, targeting, and playing a convicted rapist.

Week 2 Cobs: Rutgers, Notre Dame Ticket Holders, 3rd Down & A Literal Country Mile

Yes, the Nebraska D was rough for the first 30 minutes vs. Oregon. But other things sucked too you know!

Opening Week Cobs: The State Of Texas & It’s Choices, UNLV Going Seven Out At Home

What sucked the most this week? We have choices for you!

Big Red Cobcast: Future Husker Legends

The season begins this Saturday. And the Big Red Cobcast guys can't wait to find out who will become the next legendary figures in Husker lore.

CN Roundtable: Which Power Five Conference Gets Left Out Of the College Football Playoff?

Which Power Five conference will get left out of the College Football Playoff? The CN Staff offers their predictions.

Hugh Freeze Resigns At Ole Miss - Just One More Example Of College Football’s Ridiculosity

Big Red Cobcast: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Big Ten Feigns Surprise at Friday Night Football Fiasco

Other than exempting Northwestern from participating, the Big Ten isn’t changing their plans for Friday nights.

Football Coaches Propose Allowing Redshirts to Play In Four Games

Intended as a way to supplement injury-riddled rosters late in the season, could this proposal have unintended consequences?

The Corn Nation and Big Red Cobcast Free Sh*t Give Away!

We are giving away free stuff...

Big Red Cobcast: Brian Towlie Talks Crootin’

We have the one and only Brian Towle on to talk about NSD!


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