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Thursday Flakes: McDonald’s McMuffins, Beautiful Libraries and Kids Kicking Seats

Expect a hefty fine when you bring a McMuffin to Australia

Thursday Flakes: Prairie Madness, Botanical Gardens and Peru’s Independence Day

Lots of celebrations are happening today in Lima and all over Peru.

Thursday Flakes: Flying Basic Economy, Pink Prison Cells and Emmanuel the Emu

Basic economy mileage rules are changing for some airlines.

Thursday Flakes: Sustainable Fuel, World Greatest Places and the James Webb Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope is taking some super amazing pictures.

Thursday Flakes: Traveling to Saudi Arabia, Genghis Khan’s Lost Tomb and a Weird Border

The Germany-Belgium border is weirder than you think

Thursday Flakes: America’s Next National Park, The Mayan Underworld and Cheez-Its

What are your plans for 4th of July weekend?

Thursday Flakes: Donuts, Diapers and Swedish Garbage Cans


Nebraska Day on BTN Open Thread

Let’s gather around for a day of Husker classics.

Thursday Flakes: Pride Month, Sun Protection and #SwedenGate

Sweden got exposed on social media. Will they ever recover?

Thursday Flakes: Naming Dolphins, Using InDriver and European Airport Chaos

Have you heard about the app InDriver?