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Thursday Flakes: Looking Back On 2022

What a year it was!

Thursday Flakes: Communist Statues, Tipping Flight Attendants and Curling at an Airport

Where are you celebrating Christmas this year?

Thursday Flakes: Popping Ears on Airplanes, Staying At Someone’s House and Remembering Mike Leach

Meanwhile...Phone Calls on Airplanes Could Be Happening Soon

Thursday Flakes: Real ID, Hydrogen-Powered Trains and Mystery Mounds

Hydrogen is making a comeback in Germany

Week 13 Cobs: Smashing Helmets, Punching Fans and Mascot Fights

Rivalry week brings us plenty of great cob nominations

Happy Thanksgiving from Corn Nation!

Enjoy the turkey!

Week 12 Cobs: Six Touchdown Passes, Three Missed Kicks and a Cannon

Special teams is heavily featured in this week’s cob nominations

Thursday Flakes: All-You-Can-Fly Pass, Reclining your Airplane Seat and the World Cup

Are you excited for the World Cup?

Week 11 Cobs: Two Pick-Sixes, Two Bad Play Calls and a Brutal Face Mask

Lots of crazy cob nominations on tap for this week

Week 10 Cobs: Bad Punts, Bad Lighting and a Bad Blowout

College punters made lot of mistakes this week.