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Week 13 Cobs: Rivalry Week Chaos

What a doozy of a week in college football. Saving the best for last.

Thanksgiving Day Open Thread

Turkey, Football and Great Conversation

Week 12 Cobs: Signing a Hat, Using the Force and An Unintentional Onside Kick

Check out the bonus section for all the goodies.

Thursday Flakes: The Velvet Revolution

Let’s talk about an important day in Czech and Slovak history.

Week 11 Cobs: Blown Leads, Burnt Pants and a Duck

horns down

Week 10 Cobs: Trick Plays, Rowing the Boat and a Fox on the Field

Things got foxy down in Tempe

Thursday Flakes: Flight Delays, Couchsurfing and the Yakuza

I guess it’s about time I start doing travel flakes again.

Week 9 Cobs: Forgetting to Snap the Ball, Getting Ejected and an Incredibly Bad Beat

Lots of spooky things happened on Halloween in college football

Week 8 Cobs: Drinking a Cold One, Flattening a Kicker and Losing in the Ninth Overtime

We’ve got a mixed bag of sweet and salty cob nominations this week...just in time for Halloween.

Week 7 Cobs: Golf Balls, Beer and Mustard

A little bit of everything made it into the field of Neyland Stadium last weekend