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Thursday Flakes: Amtrak, Blue Zones and Coco Chanel

Thursday Flakes is back! Let’s talk trains.

Week 3 Cobs: Eight Turnovers, Missing Pants and a Smoke Machine

One of the guys in this picture got a cob nomination this week.

Thursday Flakes: Tourist Tax, Hidden Fees and Short-Term Rental Markets

Lots of good stuff to talk about in this week’s Travel Flakes.

Week 2 Cobs: Thunderstorms, Loud Music and a Good Dog

Scroll down for interesting uniform pairings

Thursday Flakes: An Airplane Biohazard, Packing for a Trip and the Karakoram Highway

Everyone’s worse travel nightmare happened on a Delta flight to Barcelona recently.

Week 1 Cobs: Runaway Squirrel, Motorized Garbage Bin and a Whole Lot of Mayonnaise

College Football is back, which means another season of cobs is upon us!

Thursday Flakes: Football Season Begins, Volleyball Day Recap and Weighing Airplane Passengers


Thursday Flakes: Making Omelettes, Sleeping in the Eiffel Tower and Red Way Shuts Down

Lincoln’s airline didn’t even make it to football season.

Thursday Flakes: First-Class Tickets, In-Flight Snacks and Same-Day Standby

Grab a snack and enjoy this Thursday Travel Flakes!

Twitter Recap: Week of March 2nd

Today’s travel flakes is also about credit cards