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Thursday Flakes: Irish Pubs, Drinking on An Airplane and the World Baseball Classic

Lots of fun stuff has happened this week.

Thursday Flakes: March Madness, Cherry Blossoms and Bushcraft

The Big Dance begins today!

Join the 2023 Corn Nation Men’s Tournament Bracket Contest

We will be giving away prizes for the top three finishers.

Thursday Flakes: AI Chatbots, Rock Climbing and Jamaican Dancehall

This Thursday Flakes tackles the issue of AI Chatbots

Thursday Flakes: Danish Pastries, Families Sitting Together and a New Airport Terminal

Dive into a delicious Thursday Flakes...

Thursday Flakes: Carnaval, Gumbo and Taking Off Your Shoes on a Plane

It’s a big party in this Travel Flakes!

Thursday Flakes: Dating Apps, Sustainable Travel and Getting Bumped on Flights

My Mexican adventures continue...

Thursday Flakes: Monarch Butterflies, Loyalty Programs and Earthquake Relief

This week’s travel flakes takes you to the Mexican state of Michoacan

Thursday Flakes: Airport Lounges, Machu Picchu and Chili-and-Cinnamon-Roll-Flavored Ice Cream

Would you try Runza’s new special treat?

Thursday Flakes: The Safest Airline, An Ice Cream Sundae and Volkswagen Beetle Taxis

I’m back with a tasty treat and stories to share