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I am a fourth year broadcast journalism major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Nebraska Football: 5 Reasons The Huskers Defeat Fresno State

It’s time for the Huskers to play Football. This is why Big Red will be 1-0 this week.

Five Reasons Nebraska Loses To Iowa

We talked about how the Huskers can win against the Hawkeyes. Now, we talk how the Hawkeyes can make it to 12-0.

Five Reasons Nebraska Defeats Iowa

The Huskers can upset the Hawkeyes and send them to Indy with a loss. Here is how.

Five Reasons Michigan State Defeats Nebraska

There is a flipside to being a dog at home hoping for an upset, and that is a big hill to climb.

Five Reasons Nebraska Beats Michigan State Sat.

A top-10 team coming to Lincoln for a prime-time game in a season that needs a defining victory. Yep, it's ripe for an upset.

Five Reasons Nebraska Defeats Purdue

The Huskers need a win. We tell you how that happens.

Five Reasons Northwestern Defeats Nebraska

Nebraska is looking to improve to 4-4 on the season, but it wont be an easy task. Here is why Northwestern could beat the Huskers.

Five Reasons Nebraska Defeats Northwestern

Here is how the Huskers return to .500 while handing the Wildcats a 3 game losing streak.

5 Reasons Nebraska Could Lose to Illinois

Nebraska has had its share of struggles this season. There is reason to believe that those struggles could continue, which could lead to an Illinois victory on Saturday.

Five Reasons Nebraska Beats Illinois

Optimism! We have it here for you!