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HUSKERS SOFTBALL Season Opener: Washington 8 Nebraska 0: We’d Like a Do-Over

Washington is a Top 10 team who is expected to return to Oklahoma City, but this was not how the ladies wanted to start.

(More info to follow if it becomes available.)

At their fan day last Saturday, the Huskers oozed confidence and had the air of a team who couldn’t wait for the season to start against the #7 Washington Huskies, a 2023 Women’s College World Series qualifier.

After Thursday night’s game ended, there were probably a few who would’ve been fine if the first pitches were against #11 Duke and Long Beach State, Friday’s back-to-back opponents.

Entering the bottom of the 3rd, it felt like #18 Nebraska was in a decent place which could maybe have been better. Huskers bats were tagging some shots even if the Huskies were snagging them. Jordy Bahl clearly struggling - most evidently by starting the 2nd with a hit batsman, a wild pitch, a walk and an RBI single - still managed to escape the inning with no further damage.

Then came the 3rd inning. Let’s me do my part to make it quick and painless. Or try.

Single. Steal 2nd. Walk. Sac bunt, runners to 2nd and 3rd. Wild pitch by Bahl. 2-0, runner to 3rd, Bahl injured, leaves game. Caitlyn Olensky in to pitch. RBI single, 3-0. E-5, runners on 1st & 2nd. Wild pitch, runners advance. 3-run homer, 6-0.

Sarah Harness came in for Olensky and got the last two outs, but the damage had been done for all intents and purposes. The Huskies added two more in the bottom of the 4th which had the potential for far more damage until Billie Andrews ended the threat by snagging a grounder and running across 2nd with bags full and two out.

With the college softball “mercy rule” being down by 8 or more runs after the 5th inning or later, the game was ended after the Huskers went 1-2-3 after entering the top of the inning down 8-0.

If there was a bright side, Jordy Bahl did come out of the dugout to meet her teammates when the 3rd inning ended and did not appear to be limping. On the dark side, this was Bahl’s pitching stat line - 2.1 IP 2H 3R 3ER 4BB 1HP & 3WP. Allowing seven batters to reach base and throwing three wild pitches in 2 13 innings is certainly not was expected from the two-time All-American. To be fair, she did reach base both times she batted drawing a walk and getting plunked herself.

But most importantly, at the end of the night, they are only 0-1 with almost an entire season to play.

The Huskers get to take their swings at turning it around tomorrow starting first at 12:30 vs. #11 Duke. Please CLICK HERE and scroll down for viewing and listening options.