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The Best Husker Sports Update Talk Show In The Universe! Wooooo!

Todd and I showed up well prepared as always. I was so well prepared that I forgot to put on my robe and had to take a moment to change my garb for our live show on Monday night, the best Husker Update show in the universe.

Todd has been watching more basketball lately than he ever has in his life. He genuinely seems shocked by the amount of basketball he’s watched. We spent the first part of the show talking about men’s basketball because it’s the first time in a very long time that we’ve had a team that is this watchable and fun.

They came back in an amazing win against Wisconsin after being down by so many points but then lost to Illinois on the road in overtime. We talked about officiating, we talked about whether or not the team needs a point guard and what that means and what anything about basketball means because we’re really not that good at it.

Todd talked about wrestling for a bit and we both talked about this new thing where the Big Ten and the SEC are basically teaming up to let everybody know that they’re in charge of college sports now.

There was an announcement today that the National Labor Relations Board stated that the Dartmouth basketball team is employees. This doesn’t mean much by itself but it may mean something huge down the road. I’m not sure what that is yet.

Once again, the chat and the questions from our wonderful community carried the day.


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