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Instant Reaction - Nebraska Knocks Off #1 Purdue 88-72!!!!!

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports


What a game!

Nebraska knocks off a #1 team for the first team since beating Mizzou in February, 1982.

Our beloved Huskers played an excellent game with Keisei Tominaga and CJ Wilcher hitting 3s, Sam Hoiberg with some impressive, timely steals while scoring!

Tominaga with 19, Reink Mast with 18, and CJ Wilcher with 16.


Josiah Allick hit a three! That’s how much scoring there was!

It was a VERY physical game. I can assure you Zach Edey thought it was physical. My fear would be that the officials would decide to start calling light fouls and Nebraska would get buried by Purdue FTs. DIDN’T HAPPEN!

One of my favorite moments of the game was watching the Purdue players’ disgust whenever they were called for a foul. HOW DARE YOU REF MAN!?

It was beautiful!

Nebraska stretched the lead at the end with some free throws, but they played well, offensively, defensively and BY CRACKY they hit their free throws to put away, fold, spindle and mutilate this game!