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Wrestling: Nash Hutmacher Set to Take the Mat for Nebraska TOMORROW

Hutmacher weighed in at 286 pounds today, meaning he’s ready to take the mat tomorrow for the Huskers at heavyweight

Nebraska defensive lineman Nash Hutmacher (0) is officially on Nebraska’s wrestling roster and could take the mat tomorrow against Wyoming and UNI.
Stephen Bruce

In case you missed it, Nash Hutmacher has joined the Nebraska wrestling team and been working out with them for weeks. A defensive lineman, Hutmacher was listed on Nebraska’s football roster at 330 pounds, so it’s a stretch that he’ll lace it up for Nebraska at heavyweight with a 285-pound weight limit, right?

Well, he’s now officially been added to Nebraska’s wrestling roster, which caused quite a stir on twitter today.

And on top of that, he apparently weighed in today at 286 pounds and reportedly will be in the starting lineup at some point tomorrow when Nebraska hosts Wyoming and #13 UNI. He’s listed on the website on its probable lineup as an “OR” with redshirt freshman Harley Andrews, Nebraska’s starter so far this year.

As you can see, Hutmacher was a stud wrestler in high school, the #1 heavyweight in fact with a career 166-0 record and four South Dakota state titles. He chose a life as a Husker d-lineman over a life on the mat. Although now, it seems like that wrestling itch was just too much as he’s set to toe the line.

This past season on the gridiron playing as a nose tackle, Hutmacher posted 40 tackles, 8 tackles for loss and 4.5 sacks while anchoring one of the better defenses in the country.

Looking at the Husker lineup, if the “Polar Bear” really does join this team for the duration of the rest of the season, this could be the best Husker team we’ve see in a very long time. The Huskers are already ranked #2 and have multiple national title contenders. Nebraska would be a true threat to win a team trophy and the team with the best shot of usurping Penn State.