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Nebraska Basketball’s Best Start in Over 30 Years with Win Over Indiana - Next Three Games May Tell Us Everything

NCAA Basketball: Indiana at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Are you starting to believe? Are you sold on this team yet?

Well if you weren’t, then last night the 86-70 win over Indiana should at least push you in that direction. Indiana now has four losses and those are to #5 Uconn, #2 Kansas and #25 Auburn.

Oh and Nebraska.

However, you might want to look at the next string of games before you jump in the deep end of full acceptance that this team is the best thing since sliced bread.

At Wisconsin.
Against #1 Purdue.
At Iowa.

Iowa’s wins are not impressive at this point but it will still be difficult still playing Iowa at Iowa and you never know how things will go and which scowl Fran McCaffrey might choose to look like a five year old when staring at officials.

I digress.

The next three games might tell us exactly what kind of team Fred Hoiberg has this year. If Nebraska goes 2-1 then we probably have something of substance on our hands. If they go 1-2? I will still be undecided.

What about 0-3? Well then we go down the road and see how things go and if the team can make up for lost ground.

But as for today the Fighting Fred Hoibergs are 12-2 overall and 2-1 in the conference. The best thing that this team has going for it is the focus on defense and that you never know who might get 20+ on any given night. Some nights it is Reink Mast. Others it has been Juwan Gary. Others it has been Brice Williams. Or in the case of last night it was Keisei Tominaga’s best game of the season with 28 points.

We have been waiting for Keisei to have one of his games and it happened on a great night with his family there to watch.

National college basketball writers are starting to take notice of this Nebraska squad.

This is a nice place to be but we will have to watch the next three games to find out if we are long term renters or merely staying for a weekend.